Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why might Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination at the convention? Because he won Iowa

Whether the Republican convention ends up being contested and what would happen at that convention may already have been foreshadowed by the very first votes cast in 2016.
To explain why, though, we should take a detour.
You may remember back in September when a staffer for Rand Paul (then a presidential candidate) accused a staffer for Marco Rubio (also then a presidential candidate) of punching him at a bar in Michigan. The guy making the accusation was John Yob, a Michigan-based Republican consultant and staffer. The incident quickly faded, as did Paul's candidacy.
Rick Perry with Texas Delegates at the 2012 Convention
In February, Yob released a book called, "Chaos: The Outsider's Guide to a Contested Republican National Convention." In it, he describes what a contested convention could look like for his party this July. According to the St. Thomas Source, a newspaper in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Yob "makes a case that what happens in the U.S. territories, including the USVI, may make the difference between 'chaos' and 'catastrophe' for the GOP at the national convention." The islands' six elected delegates could be elected as uncommitted, after all, making them potential free agents on the convention floor.
And the twist: Yob was elected as one of those uncommitted delegates. Yob and his wife moved to the Virgin Islands at the end of last year and in short order both became candidates for delegate slots. In the voting on March 10, each won enough votes to be chosen.
That, despite the fact that the pair (and another couple) were being contested by the local elections board for not having been residents of the territory long enough to be eligible to vote -- and therefore eligible to appear on the ballot. A judge stayed that decision for the election itself, but this week the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands threw out the six winners, including the Yobs, and appointed six new delegates instead.
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......even though he will gain far less overall votes and less delegates than another person.

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