Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ted Cruz op-ed: Cruz replies to Bill Bratton on NYPD's demographics unit and the fight against Jihadist terrorism

Our European allies are under siege from radical Islamic terrorism. The Paris attacks last November killed 130 people and seriously injured hundreds more. The Brussels attacks last week killed more than 30 people and struck at the heart of NATO. Americans were among the victims of both attacks as the terrorists do not differentiate between us and our close allies.
One of the causes of this horror has been European bureaucrats restraining law enforcement from fully engaging with the Muslim community in “no go” zones. As a result, for years, a radical, theocratic, violent ideology has spread in some mosques and Muslim neighborhoods throughout Europe. Terrorists have exploited these isolated enclaves to recruit followers, formulate plots and orchestrate attacks.
There is no better example of these “no go” zones than one neighborhood in the city of this latest horrific attack — the municipality of Molenbeek in the city of Brussels. In attack after attack, from 9/11 to Madrid to Paris to Brussels, the trail seems to come back repeatedly to Molenbeek. At least three of the terrorists of the November 2015 Paris attack grew up and lived there. In fact, one of the key terrorists of the Paris attack, Salah Abdeslam, fled back to Molenbeek where he knew he could find sanctuary. It is telling that Abdeslam effectively hid in plain sight there for weeks in the same city as the headquarters of NATO and the European Union.
Even Belgium’s own Prime Minister, Charles Michel, has admitted after the Paris attacks that “[A]lmost every time there’s a link with Molenbeek . . . It’s been a form of laissez faire and laxity. Now we’re paying the bill.”
Many European leaders are now recognizing that passively allowing the Islamist threat to fester was a serious error. We cannot make the same mistakes in America.
Read the rest of Ted Cruz op-ed HERE.

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cimbri said...

Cruz is such a one dimensional thinker. So the police are going to ride around and say, "where's the Muslims live?" "Hey I just saw a Muslim selling apples", "hey look, another Muslim". Call the anti-terrorism squad.

Guys like Cruz want to keep letting them in, and then hound them and chase them around. Why not decide how you're going to treat people before they come into the country. If you don't trust them, don't let them in. The US Govt can let in whoever they want.