Saturday, March 26, 2016

WAR ON TERROR: We Need To Patrol Muslim No-Cooperation Zones Here At Home Too

Jihad: GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is taking a lot of heat for calling on law enforcement to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized” by ISIS. But there is no good argument against such a plan.
Yes, we’ve heard the claims that closer surveillance would alienate a community that is “our first line of defense against terrorist attacks.”
But with each new terrorism case linking back to safe houses and mosques inside the Muslim community, such rhetoric increasingly rings hollow.
ISIS recruits aren’t operating in Mormon or Amish neighborhoods. They’re secreted in Islamic enclaves. And police are getting little help ferreting them out.
In Belgium, police asked Muslims for assistance finding suspects involved in the airport bombings and instead were jeered. In fact, throngs of Middle Eastern men surrounded cops knocking on doors in one Muslim neighborhood and mocked them with “hoots and chicken noises.”
Last week, in another Muslim district, dozens of men attacked police with rocks and bottles as they arrested a terrorist suspect wanted in last year’s Paris attacks.
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