Wednesday, March 9, 2016

TrumpCare Is Great If You're Rich And Want Health Costs To Explode

The Trump brand, supposedly synonymous with giving customers nothing but the best, is now attached to a health care plan that, in one critical respect, is by far the stingiest of any GOP plan on the table.
At the final debate before Super Tuesday, Donald Trump made little sense talking about health care, repeating several times that he wouldn’t let people die in the streets and that he would open state insurance markets to outside competitors. One week later, it’s probably unrealistic to expect the “Healthcare Reform To Make America Great Again” sketched out on his website to ace the test, and the plan is presented as a work in progress, not a final product.
Yet the details offered, particularly those related to the individual insurance market that would exist after he kills off the ObamaCare exchanges, reveal in multiple ways that Trump’s campaign has little idea what it is talking about.
Unlike ObamaCare, which makes its subsidies much more valuable for lower earners, all recent GOP plans offer the same size tax credit for lower earners and higher earners, only raising the level of subsidy based on age to partially make up for the higher premiums charged to older adults.
... How would the Trump plan stack up against ObamaCare? The same $1,000- deductible silver plan that costs roughly $1,000 for a 64-year-old couple at 150% of the poverty level under ObamaCare would cost them about $20,000, or 80% of income, under Trump’s plan. Try defending that in a debate against Hillary Clinton. ...
Read the Full Jed Graham op-ed HERE.

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