Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Send The First ISIS Prisoner To Gitmo

War On Terror: American commandos have captured their first high-value ISIS target in Iraq. Only, they have no where to hold him permanently to squeeze him for information about terrorist plots, thanks to their derelict commander in chief.
U.S. Special Forces nabbed the “significant” Islamic State operative during a raid in Northern Iraq, and they are likely to capture additional ISIS fighters in coming weeks. Problem is, the Pentagon is now faced with the dilemma of detaining a large group of new terrorist prisoners without a high-security facility where they can be interrogated.
President Obama has foreclosed the option of transferring them to the military prison, which he thinks is a “torture chamber” worthy only of mothballing.
Since Obama took office, no terrorist has been sent to Gitmo, while hundreds have been freed or cleared for release. Closing the facility precludes the long-term detainment of enemy forces in Iraq and Syria and causes their release to “responsible local authorities,” as CIA Director John Brennan said, even though they may hold secrets to terrorist plots against American targets.
Quoting U.S. officials, the New York Times reports that the detainee, whom they declined to identify, will eventually be turned over to Iraqi or Kurdish officials.
Relying on local authorities to squeeze our prisoners for such critical intelligence is a grave mistake. We cannot trust local religious factions and tribes to do the job right or operate in our best interests.
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cimbri said...

There wouldn't be an ISIS if Bush had not dismissed the Iraqi Army. It's time to have wise leaders who will prevent problems, rather than create them.