Saturday, March 19, 2016

No, Mr. Trump, We Haven’t ‘Had Enough’ GOP Debates

Debates: “No more debates,” says Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Huh? With four months to go to the Republican convention and the field narrowing, debates have never been more crucial — both for the party and the nation.
“I think we had enough debates,” Trump said last Friday, a day after a CNN debate moderated by Jake Tapper. “How many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question?” Not long after that, he bowed out of a Fox News debate scheduled for next Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, citing a prior speaking engagement at a policy conference held by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. John Kasich, who increasingly seems to be running for vice president, also withdrew.
Immediately, presidential candidate Ted Cruz put the needle to Trump. “His excuse is silliness, and reflects his assumption that he thinks the voters can’t figure out that he’s not telling the truth,” Cruz told Fox News host Megyn Kelly, adding, “he’s scared to debate.”
We fully understand why Trump doesn’t want to debate. To put it gently, it’s not his forte, and he has a strong lead and a near-certain glide-path to the nomination. So why risk it? Especially since the remaining serious candidate, Cruz, is a champion debater and would likely crush Trump and Kasich in either a one-on-one or a one-on-two format.
But there’s more at stake here. This is a pivotal election in modern American history. At stake is not only the presidency, but quite possibly the fate of the 162-year-old Republican Party.
Read the rest of this IBD editorial HERE and view a blast from Trump's past below:

Trump Says Debate Skippers Lacked "Courage":

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