Thursday, March 24, 2016


Homeland Insecurity: The Obama regime has finally admitted what we’ve been arguing for months — that November’s stabbing spree at a California college was not only terrorism, but also an ISIS-inspired attack. What took so long?
The knife attack took place a month before the ISIS-tied San Bernardino attacks and just after ISIS directed American recruits to use any weapon at their disposal — including “knives and swords” — to kill fellow Americans.
On Nov. 4, a University of California, Merced student burst into a classroom on campus, stabbing two students. Then he stabbed a construction worker who tried to help victims, before running from the building and slashing a school employee sitting on a bench.
Police shot and killed the 18-year-old freshman. At first, we were told is was just a random act of rage. Nothing more to see here, folks, move along. But then the slasher’s name — Faisal Mohammad — was released, and the local media traced him back to a mosque and spoke with some of his Muslim friends and family.
Faisal Mohammad
Still, authorities wouldn’t even admit that Mohammad was Muslim. They claimed he was merely a “disturbed” young man, who may have been lashing out for being excluded from a study group.
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