Saturday, March 5, 2016

GOP Fight to Be Trump’s Only Foe Intensifies

As Carson departs presidential race, Rubio aide’s call for Kasich to quit is met with derisive response
The Republican presidential primary is getting smaller, nastier and more intense amid new attacks on front-runner Donald Trump and fears that he’s on the verge of opening an insurmountable lead in the delegate hunt for the nomination.
Behind the scenes, Mr. Trump’s top aide, Corey Lewandowski, sought to open lines of communications with senior Republicans in Washington while his opponents sought to push each other out of the race.
Mr. Trump is now the undisputed front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, with the other remaining campaigns openly labeling themselves as underdogs. Mr. Trump has won 319 delegates so far, to 226 for Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, 110 for Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and 25 for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The escalating tension will be on display Thursday in a Detroit debate that comes days before another half dozen primaries and caucuses that represent the waning opportunities to stop or slow Mr. Trump’s ascent.
The most anticipated primary is in Michigan next Tuesday when 59 delegates will be up for grabs. A candidate must win 1,237 delegates to clinch the GOP nomination.
Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who has won just 8 delegates, won’t join his rivals on the stage in Detroit, he announced Wednesday. “I do not see a political path forward,” he said in a statement.
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cimbri said...

Nah, it's already collapsing. Romneys speech actually helped Trump. (;o)

RomneyMan said...

Is that what they called it, a 'speech'?

cimbri said...

Romney doesn't get it, once you've lost in a presidential election, you lose all of your influence on the public. Sure he can still meet with cronies and fund raise, but his speeches have no impact.

Anonymous said...

The two cybercaliphate shills RomneyMan and Cimbri are experts on American politics? LOL Biggest bigots, not seen since Amin Al Husseini documented inspecting Nazi Muslim troops in 1943. A bit of wishful thinking, have we?

Both are rabid trump supporters. RomneyMan voted for Obama twice. Both enjoy mocking the Bible on this site.