Thursday, March 17, 2016

Drudge's Pro-Trump Bias: Only Good Trump News Is Fit To Print

Media Bias: When Michelle Fields, a reporter at the conservative news site Breitbart, accused Donald Trump’s campaign manager of accosting her, it was a story that seemed tailor-made for the Drudge Report.
Fields said that after she tried to ask Trump a question at a rally last Tuesday in Florida, Corey Lewandowski yanked her arm so hard that he left bruises. Not only did Lewandowski deny the claim, but the Trump campaign mounted an effort to smear the reporter. Then video evidence emerged that appeared to support Fields’ story as she filed assault charges.
LINK: Why Is Matt Drudge Boosting Donald Trump?
Then, on Monday, Fields and Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro resigned over the way the way that Breitbart — which has been relentlessly pro-Trump in its coverage — handled the matter. In his resignation letter, Shapiro charged that Breitbart had become “Trump’s personal Pravda.”
Newsworthy stuff, especially for conservatives who rely on the Drudge Report. But Drudge’s 2 million daily visitors were left in the dark, since the site completely ignored the story.
Instead, as the Breitbart scandal was unfolding last week, Drudge published a huge Photoshopped picture of Marco Rubio that made him look like a midget and ran a banner headline linking to an op-ed about how Ted Cruz’s “ties run deep” with the Bushes. And then, on Friday, Drudge ran a massive stacked headline that seemed to suggest Cruz was captive of a religious cult.
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cimbri said...

Every site is has a preference. There are just a handful of conservative sites that aren't in the tank for the establishment and the new conservatives.