Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dash for GOP Delegates Heats Up

Tuesday’s results make it harder for a Republican candidate to hit the delegate threshold before the party’s convention
Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s home-state victory combined with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s competitive races with Donald Trump in Missouri and North Carolina lower the chances that any Republican candidate will accrue the required 1,237 delegates to clinch the nomination before the party’s July convention.
Mr. Trump won Florida and took all of the state’s 99 delegates and the nine from the Northern Mariana Islands Tuesday. Those wins gave Mr. Trump a more than 200-delegate lead in the race, 619 compared with Mr. Cruz’s 394, as of late Tuesday.
But close races meant Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz likely split the available 52 delegates from Missouri and the 72 delegates from North Carolina.
Mr. Cruz cast the night as a win because he continued to win delegates in North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri. “Tonight was a good night,” he told supporters in Houston. “Tonight we continue to gain delegates and continue our march to 1,237.”
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