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Op-ed: Two Paths Leading To The Same Destination

Two Paths Leading To The Same Destination
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Earlier this week in my article, 'Once Again Doing America Not Proud'... of what I wrote about was the capture and fast release of 10 American sailors captured off the coast of Iran's Farsi Island, which houses a heavily fortified Revolutionary Guard naval station.

And now, after their safe return and all appearing in good health, many questions remain as to why they were where they were and why the sailors did not resist capture nor send a direct message asking for help. And while U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) has now issued their timeline of events they still did not report on why or how the two U.S. Navy riverine command boats (RCBs) used for patrol operations ended up in Iranian waters while on a 'supposed' routine exercise from Kuwait to Bahrain, which is more than 300 miles away.

Instead CENTCOM issued a statement to the affect that one of the patrol boats had a “mechanical issue in a diesel engine” which “...occurred in Iranian territorial waters, although it’s not clear the crew was aware of their exact location.” CENTCOM included in this statement that armed Iranian personnel boarded the U.S. boats and at gunpoint led the sailors to a port facility on Farsi Island, after they had received a brief radio report that Iranian boats were approaching but asking for no help. A second message from one of the boats was garbled and no communication was received from the sailors after that. But at 6:15 p.m. GMT, the U.S. Navy cruiser USS Anzio, which was stationed in international water, got word from the Iranians that the sailors were in Iranian custody and were “safe and healthy.” At 8:43 a.m. GMT, roughly 15-hours after being captured, the sailors and their vessels were released to the Navy with all weapons, ammunition, and communication gear on the boats appearing to be accounted for except that two SIM cards were removed from two handheld satellite phones.

It appears to me that since nothing else was confiscated by the Iranians that they were after the SIM cards specifically even though CENTCOM refuses to say whether the SIM cards contained any significant or classified information. But the fact remains that the satellite phones could have been used to navigate but weren't, and it makes you wonder in was it because to do so what have had the SIM cards showing their entire route...point A to point B so to speak... including a possible deliberate incursion into Iranian waters...meaning was this actually a spying mission from the start and the SIM cards would show that. Just something to think about now isn't it.

And while Obama was quick to say that it was diplomacy and an increased cooperation between the two nations that prevented the capture from escalating into what he called “a major international incident,” nothing could be further from the truth as what led to the sailors quick release was the fact that Iran, at that point in time, still did not know if the international sanctions against them were going to be lifted. Remember, that announcement was scheduled to come later in the week...and a "major international incident" could quite possibly delay the sanctions being lifted, something Iran could ill afford.

Now let's break this incident down a bit more into seven questions that need answering. First and foremost, why did a 'supposed' routine exercise, one with with a planned path down the middle of the Persian Gulf that would not enter territorial waters of any country other than Kuwait and Bahrain, suddenly end up so close to Farsi Island, and if one of the boats did indeed have 'navigational problems' who fixed said problems while the sailors were in custody as the boats when released 15 hours later seemed perfectly navigational.

Second, the Navy’s initial operational reports said that the boats “deviated” from their planned course on the way to refueling, which Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter previously called a “navigation error,” but again I ask why couldn't the satellite phones themselves...which have their own GPS navigational system...been used to plot a course away from Farsi Island if the boat's GPS navigational system truly had failed...simply they could have used the satellite phones but for some reason they chose not to...perhaps because they knew it would have required the SIM card to be used and that had to be avoided at all costs.

Third, why couldn't the captain of the one operational RCB simply tie off and tether to the inoperable boat, and towed it to the fairly close by fuel ship. Towing of boats is a fairly easy operation but instead chose to waste time 'evaluating' the now-called “navigational issue.”

Fourth, according to our military, while the RCBs were stopped in Iranian waters evaluating the mechanical issue, two Iranian patrol boats carrying several armed troops approached the RCB patrol boats. With not even one shot exchanged and no resistance given the Iranians boarded the boats. My question is why was no resistance...none at all...given...not even a look of disdain.

Fifth, boarding our boats in this manner is indeed an act of war for as per Obama...who removed Iran from the 'State Sponsor of Terrorism' list...we are not at war with Iran so why were our sailors made to kneel and place their hands on their heads which is a military recognized position for those captured during a time of war.

Sixth, did anybody notice in the Iranian released videos of our boats at the dock on Farsi that both boats are displaying the gold-on-blue Iranian Navy flag insignia, which is a traditional indication that the boats are prizes of war. But Obama continues to say we are not at war with Iran so how can that be.

And seventh and lastly, when the boats were released why did the Iranians say they found no issues whatsoever with the GPS navigational systems...something to think about now isn't it.

So where do these seven questions lead us...they lead us in two opposite directions, one bordering on the conspiracy, but we all know that when Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his people are involved conspiracy could actually be reality; and the other leading us down a more believable path but still a path with questions that need answering.

First the conspiracy Obama is all about his legacy building and with his signature piece of legislation, ObamaCare, still being riddled with massive problems, and with our economy limping along at best coupled with the fact that his favorite JV team, ISIS, continues to whack havoc on a global scale...Obama needed something to pound his chest in his State of the Union Address was fast approaching. Knowing that the Iranian sanctions issue would not be officially resolved until later in the week, Obama knew he had to divert our attention away from his lack-luster address. And while the sailors release came a day too late for him to tout that success at this nationally televised address, it did come nevertheless, with both he and Kerry happily stating that the reason why the sailors were so quickly released was because of the new found cooperation between his administration and Iran.

But could Obama in a desperate attempt to try and convince 'We the People' how much U.S. relations with Iran had improved because of his nuclear deal...could Obama in his role as Commander-in-Chief have worked through the Defense Department and his minion Ash Carter and actually have 'ordered' the sailors to 'drift' into Iranian waters so that they could be captured, knowing full well that they would be released unharmed because the sanctions being lifting was what was held in the balance.

All just something to think about because like I said, with Obama and crew conspiracy could well be reality. 

See video of exact moment Iran captures 10 U.S. sailors here:

Now for a possibly more believable path...let's say that one RCB was really in trouble navigation wise and that for some reason the other boat could not tether to it to tow, and that they indeed started drifting. Could it be that the crew was not concerned about their boats drifting because they thought they were actually close to ally Saudi Arabia's Arabi Island, which is just 12 nautical miles south, and not close to Iran's Farsi Island...meaning if their navigational system was indeed down, and they did not want to use the satellite phones because of security concerns, the sailors could easily and quite innocently have misjudged and made a navigational error based upon that misjudgment.

Or did the Iranians, in an attempt to fool the world into thinking they were playing nice in the sandbox, use some sort of GPS jamming device on any U.S. boat unfortunate enough to have drifted into their waters, as it was their plan all along to capture and release any Americans caught in said area to score if you will 'brownie points' with the UN and assure themselves that the sanctions would be lifted. This of course would mean that the Iranians were actually the puppet masters who staged this capture to make themselves look good while Obama actually looks bad without his even realizing it...and all must be considered when two 'bad guys' lock horns in the now oh so dangerous game of nuclear war.

So while I'm pretty sure that we will never find out the complete truth about this incident, and while the cover-ups are surely now being put into place, the truth is that no matter which above scenario is reality, the fact is that Iran won this round as the U.S. was once again made to look like a weak fool in the eyes of the world. And Barack HUSSEIN Obama could not be happier about it...sigh.

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