Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Obama's 'Secure All Loose Nuclear Materials' Promise Broken

A chilling new article from the Center for Public Integrity indicates that the question may not be if nuclear terrorism happens, but when. It notes that "thieves inside of Russia somehow made off years ago with a full bomb's worth of highly enriched uranium.
Western spies fear the thieves have been doggedly looking for a buyer for the past 16 years by repeatedly dangling in front of them identical, genuine samples of that highly valuable material."
The Putin government won't "provide needed information on the case" or even admit some of Russia's nuclear explosive material is missing. But the fascinating, lengthy article documents that "a weapons-grade cache of nuclear material has been 'in the wild since the mid-1990s,'" as "a knowledgeable U.S. intelligence official" noted. And there is serious international concern about "the potential for all or part of this nuclear-materials cache to wind up in the hands of a terrorist buyer who could transform it into a viable weapon, using technical information about nuclear bomb designs that has leaked long ago into the public domain."
LINK: The Risk of a Nuclear ISIS Grows
There already was "a potential buyer from Sudan, where al-Qaida tried to obtain some uranium in the early 1990s and remains active," multiple government officials said.
Read the rest of Thomas McArdle's op-ed HERE.

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