Monday, November 23, 2015

Lt Col Ralph Peters op-ed: Obama’s ‘patience’ merely gave ISIS Time to Grow

The generals who won World War II would start by leveling Raqqa, the ISIS caliphate’s capital. Civilians would die, but those remaining in Raqqa have embraced ISIS, as Germans did Hitler. The jihadis must be crushed. Start with their “Berlin.”
The Obama administration has tried to spin its timidity and ineptitude in the face of Islamist terrorism as a clever policy of “strategic patience.” With eyes closed and fingers crossed, the president hoped that, miraculously, the mortal threat from ISIS would wither away.
You might as well hope that malignant tumors will cure themselves.
President Obama’s approach of delayed and diluted action — ever doing the minimum demanded by domestic politics — has allowed ISIS not only to survive but to expand its appeal, its numbers, its territory and its global impact. Starbucks took 30 years to reach five continents. ISIS did it in two.
In his press conference in Turkey on Monday, Obama continued to insist that there was no need to change his Syria policy, that success merely “will take time.” Yet it’s precisely because of our unwillingness to take the threat seriously and then to respond forcefully that ISIS now has a deep bench of seasoned “middle managers” ready to replace the leaders we kill; it has tens of thousands of combat-veteran jihadis; it’s made the caliphate real in the city of Raqqa; and it’s had the leisure to learn how to cope with our weapons (human shields work every time).
With a free assist from Edward Snowden, it’s even learned how to circumvent our intelligence efforts. Ask the French.
Obama wouldn’t go to Raqqa. So the jihadis went to Paris.
Read the rest of the op-ed HERE and listen to Peters defend his position below:

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