Thursday, October 29, 2015

Obama's Idea of Helping Ukraine: Send them Modified Radar incapable of viewing THE SOURCE of Their Problems

Pro-Russian Rebels pull heavy weaponry back Wednesday
 in Donetsk, Ukraine. Photo: TASS/Zuma Press
Modifications would prevent Ukraine from snooping on Russia
Advanced radar systems being shipped to Ukraine to counter artillery strikes by pro-Russia separatists have been modified to prevent them from peering into Russia, according to U.S. officials.
Russia-backed rebels unload mortars from trucks during 
a pullback of weapons near Luhansk in eastern Ukraine
 on Oct. 15. Photo: Max Black/AP
The modifications drew fire from a leading Republican critic of the Obama administration, who called it a misguided attempt to mollify Russian President Vladimir Putin.
President Barack Obama signed an order on Sept. 29 to give Ukraine two radar systems worth $10 million each. U.S. officials said this week that the systems would arrive at Ukraine’s Yavoriv training ground by mid-November.
The radar systems will be modified so they can't snoop
 at the Russians
U.S. Army officials said they hope the radar would provide Ukraine with a new capability for stopping artillery and rocket attacks launched by separatists. Other officials said the transfer also would send a message to Kiev that Washington’s support for its security forces remains strong.
But with a cease-fire holding in eastern Ukraine and artillery attacks significantly reduced, the U.S. doesn’t want the equipment to antagonize Russia. The modifications are supposed to ensure that Ukrainian forces don’t escalate the current conflict by using the new systems to counter fire originating from Russian territory, officials said.
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