Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chris Cillizza: Ted Cruz is running the Best Campaign of any Presidential Candidate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton get all the headlines. Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders get all the buzz. But Ted Cruz is running the best campaign of the any of the 19 people seeking the presidency.
This fact might shock you. The senator from Texas is, after all, one of the least-liked members of Congress. He's hated by Democrats as a rank ideologue interested only in furthering his own political ambitions. And, he's hated by Republicans as a rank ideologue interested only in furthering his own political ambitions. Cruz has become, for both parties' establishments, the living, breathing symbol of everything that's wrong with Washington.
That image, of course, works to Cruz's great advantage with a Republican presidential primary electorate that loathes the nation's capital and everyone who makes their living there. (You might note, gentle reader, that Cruz would be included among those who make their living in D.C. No one ever accused voters of being entirely consistent.)
Cruz has done a lot right in this race. Consider:
1. He was the first candidate into the race -- he announced on March 23 -- and, by going first, won weeks worth of positive publicity when no one else was in the mix.
2. He announced at Liberty University, making clear to every Republican voter that he wouldn't shy away from identifying as a proud social conservative.
3. His message is pitch-perfect. No one, not even Trump, in the GOP field can deliver the Washington-is-broken-and-they-don't even-get-it message better than Cruz. Trump's problem is that he veers WAY off message every few minutes. Cruz is much more disciplined, finding ways to bring virtually any question he is asked back to how terrible the "Washington Cartel" is. Cruz has one other thing that Trump lacks: A track record of sticking it to the party establishment.
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