Thursday, October 15, 2015

Obama To Set Free Half Of All Drug Traffickers In Fed Pen (auto-on audio)

Law And Order: As violent crime waves swamp police across the U.S., the Obama regime plans to dump 6,000 prisoners convicted of drug dealing back on the streets, starting the end of this month. What could go wrong?
Don't worry, the Justice Department says, the mass clemency won't hurt public safety. No need to protect yourself. Guns are bad.
You might ask yourself why any hardcore drug offenders — many of whom are career criminals with related weapons charges — would be set free nationwide before serving out federal sentences. Good question.
It's because this president thinks drug laws are "unfair" to blacks and Hispanics, who tend to be locked up by them at higher rates than whites. So he's waving his magic wand of "social justice" and granting them early release.
But relax. This is just the first batch of lucky criminals to walk. Many more will follow, coming to a town near you.
Thanks to retroactively shortened drug sentences, another 40,000 crack and meth dealers are expected to be set free over the next five years, with a whopping 8,550 inmates eligible for release next year. It's the largest one-time release of federal felons ever.
All told, almost half the roughly 100,000 drug offenders in federal prison could qualify for early release.
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