Friday, August 21, 2015

Will Democrats Dump Clinton?

Corruption: The Hillary Clinton email scandal has become the Watergate of our time. But there's a significant difference. This time, America has a chance to stop a suspected crook from taking office.
The Watergate scandal was, in the words of President Ford "a long national nightmare." A sitting president was accused of being a party to illegal activity and covering it up. Ultimately he had to resign from office, the only president to do so.
Waiting in the wings?
Today we have a Democratic candidate who trails scandal behind her the way a dirt cloud follows the Peanuts character Pig Pen wherever he goes.
And though she leads the second-place candidate by a wide — 32.5 points — margin, a margin so large that it seems there's no way she won't be the Democrats' nominee, she is still outside the White House.
Waiting in the Wings? Al Gore on Climate 
Chamge and Global Warming
Unless we want another long national nightmare dragging down a president, this is where she should stay.
Like Watergate, Clinton's email scandal started slowly before it became a boulder rolling downhill. Now there's a fresh revelation nearly every day. Here are some of the crucial facts known through Monday:
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