Friday, January 16, 2015

It's a Man's World ... At least in the Boardroom

Across the globe, men dramatically outnumber women on the boards of public companies.
In Japan, women hold 3.1% of board seats of TOPIX Core 30 index firms.
In the United Kingdom, women hold 22.8% of board seats in FTSE 100 index companies.
And in the U.S., women hold 19.2% of S&P 500 company board seats.
The data is from a report released Tuesday by women's issues research group Catalyst. Catalyst teamed with data visualization software firm The Data Morphosis Group to examine the gender diversity on boards at stock market index companies.
"Most of us don't understand the role that a board of directors plays — it's really distant to us," says Catalyst CEO Deborah Gillis.
People often underestimate the vital influence that a board has on how a company is run, she says.
"Boards of directors set important strategy for an organization and have an important role in (determining) the way a company conducts business, as well as who is hired and how they are paid," Gillis says.
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