Friday, January 16, 2015

Hate Those Robocalls? ... Is The Do Not Call Registry Not Doing The Job?

Check out this Free Service that may help:
A few weeks ago, a reader wrote in about all sorts of annoying scam calls and wondered why being on the national Do Not Call registry didn’t take care of the problem. The registry has mostly worked to ensure legitimate businesses play by the rules, but crooks, being crooks, have been largely undeterred.
But my suggestion to just ignore unrecognized calls rang hollow with many readers, who said their lives have been made a bit less annoying by a free service that helps limit robocalls. The service, which won a Federal Trade Commission technology competition, is called Nomorobo, and you can sign up at
Essentially, the service remembers phone numbers known to be used by robocallers and blocks those calls before your phone can ring. It also can detect other incoming robocalls and after a single ring will deflect them so that you don’t have to hear Rachel from Cardholder Services offering to lower your credit card interest rates, pitches for free vacations, or any other robocall scams.
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