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Op-ed: Too Much PC ... NOT Enough Ranch Dressing

Too Much PC...NOT Enough Ranch Dressing
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen (RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS)

We have always said that political correctness will get people killed and that political correctness will obscure the truth...and obscuring the truth is something RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS will NEVER do. And our newest case in point...the 'ground zero' known as Ferguson Missouri. Taking the old saying 'boys will be boys' to a heightened new level, the bussed-in, bought and paid for agitators prove that while you can take the boy out of the ghetto most times you CANNOT take the ghetto out of the boy.
Ferguson is on fire and that fire is now spreading into major cities from coast to coast. Feeding upon the frenzy of those who will loot, steal, and riot at the drop of a hat, the newest excuse de-jour is that their actions are based upon the fact that they simply did NOT like that a now proven innocent police officer will NOT be charged in the justifiable shooting death of one of their own...a thug solely responsible for his own demise. 
Burning to the ground black owned businesses along with businesses that employed blacks is the epitome of stupidity, because they are destroying the economic life-blood of their own community. The profound ingenuity of the 'marauding morons' can be seen in their targets during the early hours of the rioting. These 'geniuses' burned to the ground Ferguson's O'Reilly Auto Parts store and the Auto one has to wonder wherever will they find parts to repair the 'rides' they carjacked after the verdict was announced. (article continues below video)

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Furthermore, these fine examples of 'young black manhood' looted both the Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree in Ferguson and for what...because rioters are in dire need of half priced, off brand, teething on the abyss of expiration, bottles of Ranch dressing and cheap sets of Tupperware of which to store their leftovers. 
On the upside there won't be a weave to be found in Ferguson due to the total destruction and pillaging of Beauty Town, supplier of the best bogus braids for 'brazen brawling black bitches' in a three square mile radius.
Oh the hair and humanity of it all.
And sadly, most of these businesses will NOT rebuild or reopen, thus putting their own people out of work. Claiming this was all done because, with the verdict rendered, they lost confidence that any black man will ever get a fair trial, the reality is that these 'sponges' of our society do NOT give a damn about justice but only care that they now have a reason to go into the streets and take what they believe the white man owes them. Owes them for what...slavery? Judging by the agility exhibited during the ongoing rampage as they lifted that beer and toted that Baileys through the broken glass of Ferguson Liquor, Monday's 'slaves on the run' seem pretty spry for being 165 years old.
Ignoring the simple fact is that NO white man alive in America today ever owned a slave, and with the only chains the black rioters of Ferguson were wearing on Monday night being the gold chains they 'boosted' from the AJ& R Pawn Shop, the fact they deliberately ignore is that the highest concentration of modern-day slavery exists in Africa itself, for slavery is a highly profitable black-on-black enterprise. Taking a wild shot in the dark and considering the happenings in Ferguson since Monday night, it can safely be said that the vast majority of the 'African-American' rioters in Ferguson have NEVER set foot in Africa. And as we previously stated, black owned business do NOT mean very much to them anyway. 
And after watching yesterday's press conference by Ferguson's white mayor who pulled 'an Obama' by surrounded himself with black people as props...most being ministers and pastors with a smattering of black business owners thrown in for good measure...the general tone became one of absolving the city of any responsibility for the handling of the aftermath of the decision by removing blame from the rioters and by saying that "God is in control.
Boy...God must really hate Sam's Meat Market because that damn place was trashed, looted, and set on fire.
And now as the likes of the Reverend Al Sharpton crawl out from the burning rubble of Ferguson's hell to say, "We are ready for the next round" that means tonight, and the night after that, God will again be one busy boy as according to the clergy we must condemn the looting...the stealing...the burning and such...but love 'the claimed cause' of those actually doing all this.
But it's NOT a dose of Divinity these bastards's an ample butt-kicking...and please pardon us if we think Ferguson now looks more like it's been trashed by the hounds of hell than touched by an angel.
And with Governor Nixon yesterday vowing that "we must do better and we will," and with his finally deciding to activate the 2,200 members of the National Guard currently in the area, the fact CANNOT be ignored that this all comes a day too late and millions of dollars in damage too short.
But where is this all taking us some might's taking us to the oh-so wanted Obama race war complete with its generals Sharpton, Jackson, and attorney Holder. Finally, a war Obama is eminently qualified for as Commander-in-Chief...for while he has difficulty committing 'boots on the ground' to defeat ISIS and their ilk, he has given his 'private' militant army of sorts their marching orders telling them "to stay the course."
But sadly, there will be NO 'latte salutes' from him as Ferguson's Corner Coffee House has been ransacked beyond recognition, and the last time we checked Obama did NOT drink tea.
And now with Eric Holder adding fuel to still burning fires by saying he will continue to investigate the "unfortunate happenings" in Ferguson as a civil rights matter, it becomes obvious that 'the regime' is determined to send Officer Wilson to jail one way or another.
Ferguson Missouri, Detroit Michigan’s 'Mini Me' is being swarmed by a jury of the thug’s peers paying their last lack of respects by committing civil wrongs, and Holder is worried about Brown’s civil rights...oh please.

As we said, political correctness will get people killed, and it seems Holder’s idea of PC would have been for Officer Wilson to have given his weapon to Mike Brown rather than just presenting him with the bullets, thus PROTECTING the black Brown’s civil right to kill a white cop.

Just think how much nicer Ferguson would be today and how unreported the death of one more street criminal would have been had the cop only been as black as the perpetrator. Maybe the owner of that convenience store should have offered the thief who stole the cigars a free Zippo…you know…as a parting gift and let it go at that.
And so as we await the happenings of the next few days, one has to wonder which way this will go...will the 'element' continue on with their violent and vile ways...or will common sense prevail and finally win out. But with Barack HUSSEIN Obama sitting with his feet on the Resolute desk with a smirk of pure evil crossing over his face, we can safely assume hell will again have its day.

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