Wednesday, November 26, 2014

British Elite SAS Unit Carrying Out Secret Missions in Iraq against ISIS

British SAS troops have been conducting secret missions that have killed hundreds of Islamic State militants. Using quad bikes and 4x4’s in Iraq, they have been seeking out enemy forces usually at night, killing up to eight terrorists a day.
Sources from the Ministry of Defense had previously stated that the Special Air Service (SAS), which is an elite unit of the British Army, had only been involved in non-combat missions. However, aside from operating in a reconnaissance role in Iraq, they have also been taking part in eliminating IS militants, a special report by the Mail on Sunday found.
The SAS has been making good use of intelligence to identify potential targets, mainly through the use of drones. Once an objective has been identified, the troops are dropped in IS territory by Royal Air Force Chinook helicopters, sometimes 50 miles (80 kilometers) from their intended target, as the engines of the helicopters are so loud.
The British publication learned that these missions have been taking place on a near daily basis for the last four weeks and are often undertaken at night, in order to take the IS fighters by surprise. Quad bikes and all-terrain vehicles are the preferred modes of transport, giving the SAS much greater mobility to engage in their guerilla-style tactics, which are mainly carried out using sniper rifles. The surprise factor has been crucial to the SAS’s success. During bombing raids, IS forces have more time to move to safer areas.
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