Monday, July 14, 2014

Immigration Overload: Italy is letting Many Illegal Immigrants sneak into Europe Undetected

Every day, boatloads of refugees arrive on Italian shores. European Union law requires Italy to fingerprint them, so that if they apply for asylum in another country they can be sent back to their port of entry. Instead, Italy is letting thousands of migrants slip quietly into northern Europe, with no record of their time in Italy.
An Associated Press analysis of EU and Italian data suggests that as many as a quarter of the migrants who should have been fingerprinted in the first half of the year were not. While EU law required Italy to share fingerprints for about 56,700 of the migrants, only 43,382 sets were sent.
Aided by Rome's blind eye, Syrian migrants in particular are falling off Italy's radar, making their way to Milan's central train station in groups of 100 or more. They are met by railway police, aid workers and city officials who offer food, a bed and — for those who ask — advice on asylum.
Of the 10,500 who arrived in Milan since October, only eight requested asylum in Italy, city officials said. Many others, after a few hours or days in Milan, headed north with no record of ever having set foot in Italy. 
"No Syrian wants to get fingerprinted," said Shadi Howara, a doctor from Damascus passing through Milan.
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