Monday, July 14, 2014

Audit: The Obamacare Enrollment Numbers are UNRELIABLE

Buried in a largely overlooked government audit of the Obama-Care exchanges is a finding that casts still more doubt on the reliability of the 8 million enrollment number commonly cited by the administration and the press.
Keep your eyes on the spinning wheel.
Everything's on the up-in-up
In a section titled "Other Issues," an inspector general report released last week found that the marketplace couldn't show it had been reconciling its monthly enrollment numbers with insurance companies.
That's despite the fact that the law specifically calls for this reconciliation, and the fact that, as the IG report notes, "the federal marketplace obtained the services of a contractor to reconcile enrollment information."
Obama administration officials "stated that the system to support reconciliations had yet to be developed."
But as the IG makes clear, without this monthly reconciliation, the government "cannot effectively monitor the current enrollment status of applicants, such as ... termination of plans."
Perhaps Far Fewer Enrollees
In other words, there could be far fewer enrollees than advertised if these numbers were reconciled as required by law. The administration told the IG that it had "an interim process" in place until its automated reporting system was up and running.
The report didn't say whether this same reconciliation problem exists at the 14 state-run exchanges.
That finding comes on top of other known problems with the ObamaCare enrollment numbers, not the least of which is that they include anyone who selected a plan, not only those who have actually paid their premiums.
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