Tuesday, June 24, 2014

UNBELIEVABLE! 80 percent of senior VA Officials got Additional Pay

Nearly 80 percent of senior executives at the Department of Veterans Affairs got performance bonuses last year despite widespread treatment delays and preventable deaths at VA hospitals and clinics, a top official said Friday.
Ask Vicky Olson who's husband Michael DIED WHILE
WAITING for Appointment to see a doctor if she thinks these
bonuses were earned.
More than 350 VA executives were paid a total of $2.7 million in bonuses last year, said Gina Farrisee, assistant VA secretary for human resources and administration. That amount is down from about $3.4 million in bonuses paid in 2012, Farrisee said. 
Farrisee defended the bonus system, telling the House Veterans Affairs Committee that the VA needs to pay bonuses to keep executives, who are paid up to $181,000 per year.
Ask Tom Breen's family if they think these bonuses are deserved
‘‘We are competing in tough labor markets for skilled personnel,’’ Farrisee said. ‘‘To remain competitive in recruiting and retaining the best personnel to serve our veterans, we must rely on tools such as incentives and awards that recognize superior performance.’’ Farrisee’s testimony drew sharp rebukes by lawmakers from both parties.
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