Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Al Gore: Syrian War caused by Global Warming

GORE SAYS OBAMA LIKELY TO REJECT KEYSTONE & DROUGHT WAS UNDERLYING CAUSE FOR SYRIAN CIVIL WAR - Al Gore sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Rolling Stone. Some highlights - he says Obama will very likely reject Keystone. He also says that the climate-related drought was one of the underlying causes for the current civil war in Syria.
Syria Excerpt - "Syria is one of the countries that has been in the bull's-eye of climate change. From 2006 to 2010, a historic drought destroyed 60 percent of the country's farms and 80 percent of its livestock - driving a million refugees from rural agricultural areas into cities already crowded with the million refugees who had taken shelter there from the Iraq War. As early as 2008, U.S. State Department cables quoted Syrian government officials warning that the social and economic impacts of the drought are "beyond our capacity as a country to deal with." Though the hellish and ongoing civil war in Syria has multiple causes - including the perfidy of the Assad government and the brutality on all sides - their climate-related drought may have been the biggest underlying trigger for the horror."
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