Friday, February 21, 2014

Op-ed: Censorship beyond anything imaginable

Censorship beyond anything imaginable
By: Diane Sori 

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost."    
- Thomas  Jefferson 

And so it was before tyranny became the law of the land.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

And with that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has once again totally run amok and is now setting his sights on the part of the First Amendment involving freedom of the press. While the alphabet media might NOT care as they willingly do Obama's bidding, the few in the press and media NOT in his pocket sure as hell do care, especially since the U.S. now ranks 46th in the world for freedom of the press.

Simply, freedom of the press according to the Constitution...which covers the entire spectrum of the news media including we bloggers...means the press must NOT be subject to censorship by the in the Obama administration should NOT have the right to control or block certain things they deem 'unfriendly' or critical of Obama or the administration from being published or reported on. But this administration will try to do just that for our 'Constitution Be Damned' is now the Obama sanctioned motto of the land. And watch out people because Barack HUSSEIN Obama is indeed doing permanent damage to the Constitution and to the Bill of Rights...the very law of our land.

And to this end the latest in Obama's ongoing draconian assault...dismantling actually...of our Constitution, is a plan that would put so-called 'government researchers'...or as some call them 'government monitors'... actually government goons...into our country's newsrooms via a 'supposed' study by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Called the "Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs" (CIN), this study is being done to “identify and understand the critical information needs of the American public, with special emphasis on vulnerable-disadvantaged populations,” and translates into both censorship...outright in-your-face censorship...and an attempt to intimidate and control the media (including having the FCC now expanding the bounds of its regulatory powers to include newspapers). In a nutshell, by working though the FCC Obama wants to decide what stories can be reported on and what stories cannot be reported on.

The King's attempt to keep the serfs...'We the People' line by giving us information only the King deems we need to know.

Using eight precise and focused categories of what the FCC calls 'critical information' ranging from what is the 'news philosophy' of the station (meaning do they lean right or left) how does the station define what constitutes community needed critical who specifically decides which stories are covered and which are looking for 'perceived' station bias against certain issues (for example why isn't the issue of climate change covered more extensively... because it's bullsh*t is why) and 'perceived' unresponsiveness to underserved (minority) populations...this Obama sanctioned FCC snooping (including internet snooping) will start in a few months with a field test in newsrooms in Columbia, South Carolina.
And the point of all this is to single out, target, and silence right-leaning Conservative stations... especially before the November mid-terms...and don't let them fool you into thinking it's for anything else. And contrary to what some naysayers are claiming the tune of one million plus dollars...have already been approved for and allocated to this so-called 'study.'

But NO matter how it's packaged or even its intent, the bottom line is that the federal government...translation: Barack HUSSEIN Obama...has NO legal right...Constitutional or force any media outlet into covering only administration approved stories. Attempting to control the political speech of journalists through this supposedly 'voluntary study' is in and of itself another LIE in Obama's string of LIES simply because FCC's queries are NOT something any station can ignore or refuse to take part in as they need an FCC license to stay in 'voluntary' participation is a mute point.

A catch-22 situation bordering on if NOT outright blackmail.

And guess what folks...this study was designed by a minority (Hispanic woman) owned Puerto Rico based firm specifically to focus on and placate minorities, and could possibly end up being used by Obama so he can justify his forcing the sale...though Executive Order most likely...of white-owned media outlets to minority groups...after all, he has to keep 'certain' minorities happy and content to assure their loyalty to him and the party.

But once again, even with this flagrant violation of the First Amendment coming to pass in a few weeks from now, this sitting Congress sits back and does NOTHING to stop Obama from sending his government goons into America's newsrooms to hover, lurk, and peer over the shoulder of the they try to force them into making editorial decisions based on what he, King Obama, deems should and should NOT be reported on. Even the FCC Commissioner himself, Ajit Pai, has said that this latest Obama so-called 'study' could be used to “pressure media organizations into covering certain stories."

Censorship beyond anything ever imaginable.

But what I want to know is when 'We the People' are going to say "enough" and follow Egypt's and now the Ukraine's lead and take to the streets to demand Congress or the military remove this most Constitutional trampling, traitorous, lying, POS ever to hold the office of President of the United States...and the clock is running out is most assuredly running out...

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