Friday, February 21, 2014

hahahaha: Mass Murderer Threatens Hunger Strike over access to Newer PlayStation Model

You can't make this crap up:
Convicted Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has threatened to go on a hunger strike unless he gets access to better video games, a sofa and a larger gym. 
In a letter sent to The Associated Press and other media, Breivik writes that the hunger strike would continue until his demands are met or he dies. 
In the letter, which has a threatening tone, Breivik wants communication restrictions lifted and more frequent phone calls than the 20 minutes he says he is given per week. He also wants the available PlayStation 2 console replaced by a later version.
Read the rest of the story HERE,

Hey Anders..your'e lucky I'm not calling the shots..because I'd have NO PROBLEM watching you starve to death.

And'd be doing something useful after death. You see, I'd have you cremated and your ashes put in a bag in the trunk of my car.

And the next time my car got stuck in snow.......well.......Kitty litter is a terrible thing to waste...

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