Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ted Cruz Warns of ‘Receding’ Global Power of U.S. in a speech at the Heritage Foundation (Full Speech 01-28-14)

Russia’s geopolitical power has expanded “because the United States is globally receding from leadership,” according to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who spoke at a Heritage Foundation panel on U.S.-Russia relations Tuesday. 
“In the geopolitical stage, it is almost as if the Russians have a renowned grandmaster playing chess, and the United States is playing checkers. We’re not even playing the same game,” Cruz said, condemning the “rudderless” foreign policy that prevents the U.S. from taking a stand on human rights abuses in Russia.
The panel discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s opportunistic strategy toward negotiations with Syria, with Cruz commenting that “If U.S. foreign policy is so bungled that it makes Putin seem like the good guy and an advocate for peace, we have done something very, very wrong.”
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cimbri said...

Things have gotten better in the ME since our power started receding.