Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hey..Why don't You Republicans in Congress have a Good Work Ethic like Obama?

H/t Fox Nation can't make this stuff up:

In Obama's weekly address...that's after he returned to Washington after a TWO WEEK VACATION IN HAWAII...He had this to say:

Hi, everybody, and Happy New Year.
This is a time when we look ahead to all the possibilities and opportunities of the year to come – when we resolve to better ourselves, and to better our relationships with one another. And today, I want to talk about one place that Washington should start – a place where we can make a real and powerful difference in the lives of many of our fellow Americans right now.
Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline – the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire. And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all...(emphasis mine)
read the rest of his remarks HERE.

"Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire."

hahahaha....Yeah..Maybe they should have followed you to Hawaii instead?

What's that old saying?..."Do as I Say, Not as I Do".

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Anonymous said...

Democrats put Black people in chains in Southern states. For many decades Democrats passed horrid 'fugitive' runaway slave laws, and then hated, killed and murdered Northerners who voted against these atrocities.

Before "the" civil war was "declared," Democrats also burned Northern towns, and terrorized Northern towns who voted against slavery. They even smugly sneered at them and labeled them

Democrats today are racist still. They pump out hatred for white people. They also admire and support Obama who attended a racist church for 20 years.

Today they still sell their backward and third world raunchy schemes by accusing others of racism. They preen, "I love diversity." This phony posture propagates intimidation and suppression of free speech, voting 8 times, Obama's dragnet of spying on Americans, and vanishing civil liberty.

The big joke now is the Democrat Party "loves" diversity, yet continually excuses jihad which is all about hating and annihilating infidels, people who don't agree with Islam.

We are pressured to "tolerate" Islamic racism, political deceits, imperialism, class system, slavery, tenets, and oppression of women. Democrats busy incrementally supporting Sharia Law in America, which is brutal, primative, oppressive, and a class system. Sharia Law forbids multiculturalism, it is anti-multicultural.

So Democrats imagine they show their love of diversity by importing anti-diversity and importing Islam? Do Democrat zombies actually think, ever?

One does not show love for diversity by tolerance for Islam. They hate diversity. Islam is brutally violent against diversity. Sharia Law forbids a free press. How is it virtuous to tolerate bringing Islam here? How is it tolerance to permit the suppression of free speech?

Yet Democrats get pius and their fake delusion of superiority flares up when they urge for sharia law in America?!! Apparently being Democrat is being anti-America, anti-honesty, anti-freedom and hyper hypocritical.

Democrats expect people to loathe themselves, pretend Obama was born in Hawaii, send money and weapons to billions of primatives who cry with every fiber of their being, "Death to America."

Anonymous said...

Obama has admitted he's lazy, now he's exhibiting his norm of hypocrisy. Obama's accusing others of what he is, in psycho babble they say he's projecting.

BOSMAN said...

This absolutely proves that Obama surrounded himself with idiots.

In light of his 2 week vacation in Hawaii, how could anyone read his intended speech and have it not raise a red flag.

I'm surprised Saturday Night Live hasn't already done a skit on this.

BTW, that photo in the post showing him on Air force 1 with him wearing an Hawaiian Lei and nursing a drink IS NOT something I created...hahahaha...It's legit.