Monday, January 13, 2014

Does BRIDGEGATE Open Up any Doors for other 2016 Hopefuls?

With the mea culpas out of the way and damage control in full throttle, the business of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's future is underway. 
While even detractors and opponents have mostly given the Republican high marks for his handling of the scandal over politically motivated lane closures — and the resulting gridlock — on the George Washington Bridge last fall, pundits and insiders are hard at work speculating how the incident might hurt Christie, considered a centrist Republican, and help other conservatives believed to also have their sights on the White House in 2016.
So far, Christie isn't feeling much love. 
Known foe Rand Paul, the tea party Republican Senator from Kentucky, took a shot at Christie following requests for a comment from reporters after the bridge story broke. 
"I know how angry I am when I'm in traffic," The Hill reported Paul as saying. "I'm always wondering who did this to me." 
The men have been feuding since exchanging barbs last summer following federal funding recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy decimated parts of New Jersey, according to The Hill.
"Paul accused Christie of wasting money by putting himself in commercials touting the resurrection of the New Jersey shoreline after the storm, and Christie countered by labeling Paul a pork-barrel spender," The Hill's Keith Laing writes. 
Christie also got under Paul's skin when he said libertarians were "very dangerous" to the GOP on the issue of national security. 
Republican media strategist Rick Wilson tells The National Journal that there's "no love lost" between Christie and many of his more conservative colleagues, who have had him in the cross-hairs since his perceived chumminess with President Barack Obama following Hurricane Sandy and his vocal criticism of the tea party. 
Like Paul, those politicians will likely view the scandal as an opportunity for payback.
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Anonymous said...

I guess the big donors have to wonder about Christie now. This is a seriously big chink in his armor. And think, just 2 short years ago, everyone was all a flutter over Christie, begging him to run. He was the biggest star, and overshadowed Romney. Just goes to show how stupid and clueless our conservative media can be! Glad things are a little clearer now.

I sure hope some others rise to the occasion because right now things look rather bleak. If Paul and Cruz are the other alternatives, we're sunk. Maybe Rubio will come into good graces again. lol


Ohio JOE said...

To be sure, this is somewhat of a big blow to Mr. Christie. However, the RINO diehards will no doubt stick with him. Logistically, one would expect Mr. Ryan to benefit most since he is the closest to representing the RINO wing of the party, but even if he gains the most in terms of popular opinion due to bridgegate, he stands to gain few delegates outside Wisconsin and a few other western states.

In short, every candidate will benefit a little from Bridgegate. After all, Right Wing candidates will be able to say 'I told you so.'

Right Wingnut said...

I don't know who will benefit, but there's no doubt in my mind Christie is toast.

If Jeb signals that he's getting in, expect the establishment to turn on Christie. Especially people like Karl Rove.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what a RINO is, as it changes from hour to hour. If anyone can use the term, then define it as they are currently using it, it would be quite helpful.

Anonymous said...

Christie going down isn't good for the GOP. I always thought of him as a last resort for me personally, if anyone better didn't come along to support. Without him, the field is worse, strange as that logic is.


Anonymous said...


cimbri said...

We're pretty much doomed. Christie is the only guy who can get voters from all groups. Rubio might be able to. Cruz and the others will only get the old confederacy states, minus virginia.