Saturday, December 21, 2013

Utah: Jim Matheson Out...Mia Love Hopes to be In?

Utah Republican Mia Love stole the show at last year’s GOP convention, then narrowly lost her bid weeks later to unseat Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson. 
The Saratoga Springs mayor’s prospects of winning that House seat in 2014 sharply improved Tuesday, though, when Matheson said he won’t seek an eighth term -- allowing her to face a non-incumbent in a state where Mitt Romney won by 72 percent of the vote. 
Washington Republicans gushed over Matheson’s announcement and characterized it as a red flag for other Democratic incumbents in the age of ObamaCare.
“It’s telling that Matheson, who didn’t even vote for ObamaCare’s original passage, knows he can’t run and win in this climate,” said Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “If it’s this bad for him, imagine how bad 2014 will be for the vast majority of Democrats who actually supported ObamaCare from its start.” 
NRCC officials even went so far as saying Matheson’s departure gives their party such a clear path to victory in Utah’s Fourth Congressional District seat that they can spend their money elsewhere on tighter races. 
On Wednesday, however, the group stuck to its policy of not endorsing a candidate in a party primary. A spokesman told only that Love, who if elected would become the GOP’s first black congresswoman, is part of its 2014 recruiting class, known as the Young Guns. 
Beyond running in a strong Republican-leaning district, Love already has raised at least $475,000 and has an established campaign. She captured the imagination of Republican Party members with her Tampa convention speech, with such notable lines as “Mr. President I am here to tell you we are not buying what you are selling” and “This is our story. This is the America we know because we built it.”
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Anonymous said...

The GOP in Utah is looking for a candidate not so tied to the tea party, whom we feel would be a total disaster. We like Mia, but you know, she lost to Jim. In a GOP district. Not a good sign, if you ask me.

Right Wingnut said...

I'll translate Ellie's comment for the readers. Wrong color.


Ellie - Love lost to Matheson - a 6-term incumbent Congressman - because the 3rd party libertarian candidate got 2.6% of the vote(Love lost by only 0.31%). If Love wins in 2014, she will be the first black female Republican ever elected to the House of Representatives. That would be a GOOD sign, if you ask me.

Right Wingnut said...

The GOP needs to do all it can to get her elected.

Ellie being opposed to her confirms that I'm on the right side on this one.

Anonymous said...

I think Love has a great chance of being elected. Ellie, I heard that she lost to Jim Matheson by 800 votes. It's probably why he's retiring. Obamacare in Utah is about as popular as a skunk in the parlor.


Anonymous said...

RWN, I find your idiot comment offensive. I am the mother of a bi-racial son and daughter, 1 African-american daughter, 2 Mexican American sons and 2 Mexican-American daughters. (We have 7 kids in total.) My husband is from South America,so it all works. Your are a bigot and a fake. I don't oppose love because of her color. I think we in Utah can and should try to do better than someone tied to the hip to the baggers. Love and I do share the same faith, and I've met her and think she's a nice person. I'm not ready to toss my hat in her ring until I see what else we can come up with. Ellie

Right Wingnut said...

Ellie, I'm the bigot? You conveniently overlooked the fact that I'm the one who would like to see Love win that seat! Seems you'd rather they find someone with a little less pigment!

Perhaps you also have problems with her gender. I've yet to see you support a female candidate. Supposed to stay at home or something I suppose. Let the white man run things.

I don't worry about offending you, as you are probably the worst, most vile offender in the history of this site.