Sunday, December 15, 2013

The 2013 Healthiest States: Where did your state Rank?

An annual measure of the nation's health status finds evidence that Americans made "a notable shift" toward better health in 2013. 
Important gains were seen in more than two-thirds of the measures analyzed for the 2013 America's Health Rankings report, released today, including: 
- A decline in the smoking rate, down from 21.2% of the adult population in 2012 to 19.6%. Seventeen states had significant drops in smoking, the largest being in Nevada, Maryland, Oklahoma, Kansas and Vermont.
- A drop in physical inactivity, defined as not doing any physical activity outside work for 30 days, down from 26.2% of the adult population in 2012 to 22.9% in 2013. The prevalence of physical inactivity varies from a high of 31.4% in Arkansas to a low of 16.2% in Oregon. 
- A leveling off of the obesity epidemic as the percentage of adults who are obese — defined as roughly 30 or more pounds over a healthy weight — holds steady.
This marks the first year since 1998 that obesity rates did not increase, making it "a victory of sorts," says Reed Tuckson, senior medical adviser to the not-for-profit United Health Foundation, which sponsors the report with the American Public Health Association and the Partnership for Prevention. 
State-by-state rankings (ranking, state, score)

1 Hawaii 0.919
2 Vermont 0.868
3 Minnesota 0.731
4 Massachusetts 0.725
5 New Hampshire 0.703
6 Utah 0.695
7 Connecticut 0.649
8 Colorado 0.565
9 North Dakota 0.557
10 New Jersey 0.531

See the rest of the rankings and read the full story HERE.

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RomneyMan said...

You may see them all becoming more healthy, when OBCare's ability to cover those with pre existing conditions and those who won't have to sell everything they've worked for it they fall ill, come into play.

Anonymous said...

RM, the opposite is going to be true. So many millions of people who have lost their insurance are going to have trouble getting the treatments they need. People are going to die because of Obamacare. It's destroying healthcare in America even as we speak.


Anonymous said...

wow, the south. Unsurprising, though.