Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sen Mike Lee's Bill would protect Churches from being pressured to recognize Gay Marriage

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) plans to introduce a bill Wednesday that would prevent the Obama administration from pressuring churches into recognizing gay marriage. 
“It is concerning that we have people in this administration who think that religious liberties are just not that big of a deal,” Lee said in an interview with the Washington Examiner Tuesday.
Despite President Obama’s recent promise to respect religious freedom, Lee worries the White House may try to work around that promise by revoking the tax-exempt status of churches that recognize traditional marriage. 
“We need not just statements, but we need legislation to protect religious liberty from this kind of potential threat,” he said in the interview.
Lee’s “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act” is meant to prevent federal officials from revoking churches’ and other nonprofits groups’ of their tax-exempt statuses over their support for traditional marriage.
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Anonymous said...

The issue of religious freedom is at the heart of how our nation came to exist. Free speech and freedom to exercise the religion of your own choosing are the FIRST rights claimed in the Bill of Rights. The People only ratified our Constitution with the addition of the Bill of Rights.

The power to tax is the power to destroy. This tax exemption is the bulwark against government dictating what people can think. The American government has been established to serve The People. In America the people are NOT the servants of government "elites."

Bill shouldn't be necessary, but apparently it is. Obama thinks contraceptives are a "right," but he's wrong.

Anonymous said...

The people who are losing their rights at this time, and especially under this administration are religious people. Somehow, people confuse the right to worship with religious rights. The first is a minimal right to assemble, the other gives people the right to act on their religion. The people behind the same sex marriage push will not stop at churches. I wish they would respect our rights, but they will not. Another baker in CO has been court orderetd to make a same sex union cake or face fines. He, apparently, has no religious rights or any other when oppressed by this protected class of people. Churches are not far behind. I believe we have laws to protect religious people, but so far the Obamas and their cronies just ignore them. It's such a sad day for what has been our glorious country....