Sunday, December 29, 2013

Egypt Begins to Turn The Screws on the Muslim Brotherhood and their Associates

Egyptian authorities said Thursday that they arrested dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members across the country and seized their land, stocks, and vehicles, a muscular response one day after the military-backed government declared the Islamic group a terrorist organization. 
Social and charitable groups even loosely associated with the group struggled after their funds were frozen by the state. It was a new level of disruption to a society already riven by violence and suspicion in the months since the military ousted Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president and a Brotherhood leader. 
Those who harm Egyptians will 'vanish from the face
 of the earth': General El-Sisi on Terrorist attacks
Egypt’s new leaders clearly signaled that they had opened a wide-ranging and possibly protracted war on every facet of the Brotherhood’s activities, with the terrorism designation giving the security forces greater latitude to stamp out a group deeply rooted in Egyptian social and civic life. 
The government had also sought to deny the group foreign help or shelter, urging other Arab governments to honor an antiterrorism agreement and shun the organization.
The Islamic Medical Association, a network of Hospitals founded by a Brotherhood leader in the 1970s has been allowed to continue their work and have access to monies to cover operating costs.

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Anonymous said...

"Charity groups" are a misnomer. These are the normal fronts for funding terrorism. One must have zero knowledge of Islam to not know about this already.