Sunday, December 29, 2013

UK Retailer Marks & Spencer apologize after allowing Muslim Employees to refuse to service Customers purchasing Pork and Alcohol

Major U.K. retailer Marks and Spencer has apologized after a company policy that allowed Muslim employees to refuse to serve customers buying pork or alcohol triggered a furious backlash. 
The policy was first reported by the Daily Telegraph after an incident where a customer in central London buying a bottle of champagne was told to use another cash register due to the religion of the sales assistant.
“I had one bottle of champagne, and the lady, who was wearing a headscarf, was very apologetic but said she could not serve me,” the anonymous customer told the Daily Telegraph. “She told me to wait until another member of staff was available.” 
“I was taken aback. I was a bit surprised. I’ve never come across that before.” 
Customers trying to buy alcohol in preparation for Christmas were also told to wait.
The decision triggered an angry backlash, with thousands of customers declaring that they would boycott the store as a result of the move, which was attacked as putting political correctness before customers. 
Facebook user Mandy O’Neill said on the “Boycott Marks and Spencers” Facebook page, “I have shopped in M&S yesterday and have done so for many years. I will never set foot in this store again until they resume back to normality.”
Meanwhile Wendy Mason said “Keep out of politics and religion M&S. By taking up this policy you are opening up a hornet’s nest which will end in misery.” 
On Monday, the company apologized for the incident.
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Anonymous said...

The hostility of employees who are muslims towards customers at a nearby store is an abomination. I am TIRED of people not understanding that freedom of association IS freedom. Business shouldn't be forced to hire muslims. It is idiotic and stupid and uninformed.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was against Muslim teachingto aallow a woman to speak to a man who was not her husband. How can a Muslim woman be a cashier in a store?