Thursday, December 5, 2013

Does Hillary Clinton's Medical Condition make her unfit to run in 2016?


I've got my own theory on this story that I'll share at the end:
HILLARY CLINTON has secretly decided to run for president in 2016, but doctors have warned that pursuing her dream of becoming America’s first female commander in chief could kill her! 
In a bombshell world exclusive, The ENQUIRER has learned Hillary wants to spurn her doctors’ advice and announce her candidacy on June 4, 2014 – the day her late mother would have turned 95. 
Sources say the 66-year-old former first lady and her husband Bill are already laying the groundwork to build a $5 BILLION war chest to fund her campaign, with their daughter Chelsea playing a major role. 
But after surviving a string of devastating medical crises, Hillary remains haunted by her historic decision, and insiders say anxiety over her well-being could derail her candidacy. 
“Hillary’s doctors have painted a grim picture of her health,” said a close source. “Behind the scenes, they’re telling her, ‘Running for president will kill you.’ 
But Hillary wants to ignore her doctors because she’s so desperate to be America’s first female president. 
“She believes it’s what she was put on earth to do, and there’s no convincing her otherwise.
Read the rest of this FLUFF PIECE HERE.

Awwwwhh...don't you feel sorry for Billary? after all, “With the president and Democrats going up in flames over the Obamacare fiasco, Bill told Hillary, ‘You have to save America.’.........I think I just lost my lunch...

Did anyone notice anything missing from this piece?

Like Benghazi....State Department Sex Scandals....Anything about her job as Secretary of State?

Nah..They wouldn't belong in a fluff piece that is trying to present a sympathetic image of someone who would risk their health to save America...They don't want you to take your mind off that image...Why clutter it with relevant facts.

It looks like this so called unnamed sources may have played the National Enquirer like a ukulele....unless of course they wanted it that way.

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RomneyMan said...

"Does Hillary Clinton's Medical Condition make her unfit to run in 2016? "

No, but her record does qualify her.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to try to defeat her on policy and ideas, rather than hocus pokus.

Oh, well, that's the GOP for you after all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, genius. She did a great job getting our men killed in Benghazi.

Anonymous said...

And she's such a nasty-looking old hag, too. Who wants to look at and listen to her for four or eight years? She'll start out at age 70, and end at age 78, God forbid!

RomneyMan said...

"And she's such a nasty-looking old hag, too. Who wants to look at and listen to her for four or eight years?"

Like I said "Perhaps it would be a good idea to try to defeat her on policy and ideas, rather than hocus pokus."

Anonymous said...

Notice how NOT Republican or conservative "RomneyMan," the well known Romney-hater, is. His pep talk for Billary sort of gives him away.

Going up in flames started with HillaryCare. Enough said. That is the ugly record of Billary.

Anonymous said...

What policy accomplishments? Handing Egypt and the Middle East over to AlQaeda?

cimbri said...

Pretty funny, the pics make her look like a lush. I still want to know exactly what happened to her last year when she fell down.


Hillary's so-called "popularity" is a mile wide but an inch deep. As soon as her DISMAL public record receives any bit of honest scrutiny by a REAL political opponent in 2016, either in the primaries or general election cycle, her popularity will disappear like tears in the rain.

RomneyMan said...

Strongest of the strong candidate. Stellar record. The presidency is hers if she decides to pursue it.

Anonymous said...

No way. There is no stellar record. Secretary of State should not attack our friends and give billions to our enemies. And Billary may have covered up 8 different state department investigations.

“A true champion of women and children should not have this stain on her record,” writes Salena Zito for Real Clear Politics, adding that “like a splattering of blood-red berries on a white-linen tablecloth, it will serve as a constant reminder that she did not speak for those who had no voice.”

Billary broke laws attacking Nixon, and said he had no right to legal defense. In light of Obama's snooping government dragnet that stores all our emails and phone calls permanently, Billary's former fuss over Watergate wiretaps are hilarious and pathetic.

Billary held a seance in the White House.

Billary wrongfully smeared those terminated in TravelGate. She started federal power grab with HillaryCare. She chose to marry Bill Clinton, a drug addict. She lied to nation about his rapes. Her days in Arkansas littered with rubbish.

There's Whitewater scandals, and the Cattle Futures crimes. Clintons stole White House furniture and sold pardons to the biggest criminals in the world.

Billary perjured herself on Benghazi, to say the least. Her play acting to press the about film, "...we had nothing to do with," was tipoff of her deceitful ways. And putting the filmmaker in prison was a typical classless Billary touch.

Billary is a huge fan of Al Capone gang member, Saul Alinsky. We all know there are books of the "missteps" of Billary. It is immoral and heartless to unleash Bill on White House interns again.

It's also turned out that Clinton's precious Al Gore was slimey to his wife as well. What a Jerry Springer three ring circus they made of our nation.

Clintons were a disgrace on America for their 8 years in the White House. People always try to credit Bill Clinton for the Balanced Budget. It always gets brought up, but it was the phenomenal and newly Republican House who put on the brakes.

I'll pass on a repeat of Lady MacBeth's raunchy showtime. There is a record. It's not stellar, but dingy, sordid, and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

It is an excellent moment for us to sanction and protect valiant whistleblowers. Citizens must support and back up the "sheriff in town" giving high crimes a thorough comeuppance.

Anonymous said...

The country does not benefit from 24 years of the Clintons and Obama. We already are precariously navigating a tightrope without a net.

Anonymous said...

IRS needs a thorough overhaul. Ms Clinton specialized in coverup, not cleanup.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RomneyGirl can't get anything right. Billary a stellar record? You must be spoofing.

Judge Jeanine "Fact Blasts" Hillary & Obama Administration on Benghazi Attack - 5-11-13

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Clinton was responding to a question from Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

However, WND has found that Clinton’s testimony is contradicted by Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, who led the U.S. military’s efforts to supplement diplomatic security in Libya.

Anonymous said...

There were no popular protests outside the Benghazi facility and that the attacks were carried out by jihadists.

Clinton repeatedly insisted in her Benghazi testimony that the Obama administration did not conclude finally until days after the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks that there were no popular protests outside the U.S. mission.

A top State Department official knew immediately the attacks were terror strikes, not a protest turned violent, according to interview transcripts.

“I thought it was a terrorist attack from the get go,” said Greg Hicks, a 22-year foreign service diplomat who was the No. 2 U.S. official in Libya at the time of the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks.

“I think everybody in the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning,” Hicks said.

Continued the report: “Lieutenant Colonel Wood explained that after the withdrawal of these other organizations, ‘it was apparent to me that we were the last [Western] flag flying in Benghazi. We were the last thing on their target list to remove from Benghazi’.”

There were no popular protests outside the Benghazi facility. Attacks were carried out by jihadists.

Anonymous said...

Time does tell. Obama pretense of being a 'success' is that there is no jihadi or al qaeda. He wanted a sales pitch for his dnc convention.

Dems and toadies are really lame who, like Obama, are trying to sell lies to Americans, and pretend there are no jihadi.

Wow. Obama's really lame and criminally negligent, and in all probability WORSE.

Gun running, in violation of U.N. arms sanctions on Syria at that time, was part of Obama's Benghazi crimes. We know from Egyptian intelligence of Obama's hand involved with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood supplying weapons and funding for terrorists and war criminals in Syria.

Billary used our fleet to protect herself when she went to Benghazi. She knew of the dangers, but failed to give protection for other Americans in Benghazi.

She perjured herself on so many points, trying to cover up her fault in not protecting our people there. She obstructed justice.

Lying is the tip of the iceberg, indicating behaviors worse than lying need to be hid.

We want to believe our people mattered to Billary. I can't see it even though I want to see it.

I have family in harm's way. I want Obama impeached NOW. He might get them killed, too.

In the past I've thought people were extreme for saying that for Obama and Billary it is all about them, but in reality that isn't far fetched after all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Consulate compound in Benghazi was attacked on 9/11 and five days later, then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice insisted the attack was in response to a video, contradicting the Libyan president, who moments earlier, said it was a terror attack that involved terrorists from outside of Libya.

American diplomats were the liars. Libya's President turned out to be truthful. Obama and Billary are creeps.

Anonymous said...

Check out the pic in the article with Billary's head resting on Obama's shoulder as they drink beer together and fuzz out.

She isn't the one to fix Obama's mess.