Thursday, December 5, 2013

Does Chris Christie's 'Bizarre Behavior' lower his chances of being the 2016 GOP Nominee?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's loyalty to the Republican Party is being questioned after he refused to make a public endorsement of a possible GOP challenger to New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a move some say could hurt his chances of winning the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. 
Cuomo has disputed an earlier Post report that Christie was prepared to back Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino should he get the Republican nomination for governor next year, saying Christie made a personal phone call to him to assure him otherwise, according to The New York Post.
"Christie already has a problem with many Republicans refusing to forgive him because of his embrace of [President] Obama and his socially liberal policies," a GOP operative told the Post. 
"But this bizarre behavior in suggesting he won't help a Republican defeat a Democratic governor, and a Cuomo no less, could finish off his chance of becoming his party's nominee for president in 2016."
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Hardly a surprise here for the Dempublican who once said, I 'AGREE WITH ANDREW CUOMO ON 98% OF ISSUES'.

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cimbri said...

Bosman, Christie said, regarding his support of a potential NJ nominee, was that he first wanted to see who the nominee was going to be. That's his way of affecting the selection process. He wants to make sure the Rs don't pick someone completely un-electable, and he doesn't want to waste resources on such a candidate. We all can argue that tactic, but it's hardly bizarre. Makes a lot of sense.


The ONE good thing about Chris Christie is that he does an absolutely horrible job of hiding his rampant liberalism.

Otherwise, he could be a real threat to win the GOP nomination in 2016.

Mark my words, Christie's 2016 presidential candidacy will be almost a carbon copy of Rudy Giuliani's in 2008.

Despite the best efforts of CBSNBCABCCNNFOX to advance and promote his campaign, Christie will go down in a ball of flames in 2016 just like Giuliani did 8 years earlier.

cimbri said...

Cruz Country, that's absurd. Christie is a Governor of NJ, he's nationwide, beloved by millions. Guiliani was a minor bubble created by Fox News.

Anonymous said...


Christie is not Guiliani, and doesn't have 1/10th of the problems. Furthermore, he isn't likely to make the same mistakes. He is going to either win the nomination or come close.



Cimbri - After 9/11, Giuliani was perceived by most Americans as a NATIONAL HERO, and he had the poll numbers to prove it. And unlike Christie, he did not have a HUGE BERNIE MADOFF PROBLEM to drag him down when he ran for president, but he went down nonetheless due to his well-documented public record of pushing LIBERAL policies and programs. In 2016, Christie will suffer the same fate that Giuliani did in 2008, for mostly the same reasons. (And BTW, you should at least learn how to spell Giuliani's name correctly if you're going to lecture me about his national popularity or lack thereof.)

Martha/Village Kook/Delusional Paranoid Schizophrenic - see above