Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ted Cruz DESTROYS Dick Durbin on ObamaCare (Video)

Haha...This is after nearly 21 hours on his feet. He took Durbin's argument and threw it right back in his face. Watch until the end for the beat down.


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Ohio JOE said...

It is a shame that more Republicans are standing with turban Durban instead of Mr. Cruz.

RomneyMan said...

I don't agree. Yes, he threw it back at the end, but this was *another* extended exchange where Cruz avoids directly answering questions poised. That's what the public hate about politicians. Watch Rubio or Paul. They don't directly avoid answering questions, but instead Cruz decided to answer the question HE wants to have heard. I tell you what, in civi street, he wouldn't have a prayer of getting a job at an interview. He don't answer the questions poised. The dem asked a number of key questions, and after 7 mins I saw nothing answered directly from cruz. As the dem said (paraphrased) ' your honour, the accused refuses to answer the question' lol

Right Wingnut said...


Durbin avoided three questions that Cruz had asked, by badgering him about his gov't health plan. A gov't health plan that Cruz doesn't participate in! LOL. You have to admit, that was pretty shrewd of Cruz to let Durbin carry on about how great the Senate health plan is, calling Cruz a hypocrite, before breaking the news to him.

...your honour, the accused refuses to answer the question' lol...

That was in response to Durbin asking if Cruz was on the Senate plan!

I find it comical that you don't believe a man who has argued successfully multiple times in front of SCOTUS wouldn't get through a job interview. I don;t think you're that stupid. Thanks for playing.

RomneyMan said...

Yes, some good points in fairness.

I'm certainly not anti-Cruz. Far from it. I like him actually.

Anonymous said...

secret footage shows Ted Cruz preparing for an attack on obamacare -