Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Gentleman´s Agreement To End The GOP Civil War

Let´s make an agreement. If the Conservatives In Mouth Only can´t say that they have cut more government than Chris Christie, then they can´t be considered more conservative than Chris Christie. Fair enough? If you can document that your favorite conservative has cut more government than Christie, then you can go nuts on the NJ governor.

Of course, that rules out Palin and Perry.

It also rules out Paul and Cruz, since they have never actually been in charge of anything.  It also rules out the entire Conservative Media Complex. Talk is cheap. Well, it pays alot, but it doesn´t make our country better.

Until then, I am going to refer to Palin and Perry and the rest of the above mentioned as liberal RINOs. We need real conservatives, not a bunch of talkers and hypocrites.

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BOSMAN said...

Although, I don't necessarily agree with you...hahaha...Sorry Pablo...I couldn't help my self.

feel free to remove.

Gary the Brave said...

I think I know who Pablo supports. Let me ask what he defines as "cutting government"? Is it reducing costs, regulations, or bodies occupying desks? Is that the ONLY criteria?

I don't know much about Christie? He's famous for being the governor of the state next door to the media center. Put NJ in the Rockies and you never would have heard of him. His endorsement of Obama during the campaign told me more than I needed to know. It just reaffirmed my belief that anyone who is along the I-95 corridor is a liberal. They don't know what it truly means to be a conservative.

Palin did get Alaska on the right track to solvency and even earned a credit rating increase, something Obama cannot claim.

Right Wingnut said...


According to the information you provided on another post, Christie has spent like a drunken sailor in comparison to Corzine. Corzine cut spending nearly $5 billion in FY2009. Does that mean Corzine is more conservative than Palin too? Because if we apply your logic, he's certainly more conservative than Christie! LOL

FY2008 - $33.47 billion - Corzine

FY2009 - $32.86 billion - Corzine

FY2010 - $28.99 billion - Corzine

FY2011 - $28.36 billion - Christie

FY2012 - $29.69 billion - Christie

FY2013 - $31.65 billion - Christie

FY2014 - $32.97 billion - Christie

Right Wingnut said...

Correction. Corzine cut nearly $5 billion in spending from 2008 - 2010

Right Wingnut said...
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Right Wingnut said...

Governor Murkowski’s last budget FY2007: $11,697,400,000

Governor Palin’s last budget FY2010: $10,570,000,000

Total reduction in spending between 2007 and 2010: a whopping 9.5% or $1,127,400,000

Right Wingnut said...


FY07- Murkowski’s federal requests total: 63 projects @ $349,497,000

FY10- Governor Palin’s federal requests total: 8 projects @ $69,100,000

Right Wingnut said...

Correction for bad link in previous comment (FY10 federal requests)

Right Wingnut said...

Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in April, 2008:

“Our fiscal prudence is being recognized by the financial markets. It affirms our efforts to control government spending and live within our means,” Governor Palin said. “We have been working hard advocating for Alaska, both within the state and outside, and I am pleased to see it paying off.”

Moody’s upgraded Alaska’s credit rating to AAA in November 2010 and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Alaska to AAA too in January in large part due to Governor Palin’s policies as indicated below.

Each italicized bullet point is a point provided by Standard and Poor’s as an indicator for credit upgrade:

o “The state’s strong financial management and generally conservative forecasting”: during her tenure, Governor Palin cut spending 9.5% and reduced earmarks 80%.

o “The state’s financial flexibility, enhanced by the maintenance of large reserves derived from windfall oil revenues since fiscal year 2008”: Governor Palin’s oil tax reform plan implemented in FY2008 was a severance or production tax on oil companies—a tax they paid as a recompense for developing the Alaskan owned natural resources has helped create fiscal reserves for the state.

o “The state’s moderate debt burden”: During her tenure, Alaska’s overall debt decreased nearly more than 157 million dollars between FY2007 (her predecessor’s final budget year) and FY2010 (her final budget year), while debt outstanding increased at 4.2% annual rate (between FY 2007 and FY 2010) compared to the 6.8% annual rate of her predecessor (between FY2003 and FY2007).

o "An accumulation of multiple budget reserves equal to more than 200 percent of the general fund budget”: Due to legislation like ACES and the frugal budgeting of Governors Palin and Parnell, Alaska now has a 12 billion dollars in savings. During the VP campaign, Governor Palin was able to tout a more than $5 billion surplus.

Right Wingnut said...

Meanwhile, New Jersey's credit rating was recently downgraded by Standard & Poors.

Right Wingnut said...

That should be enough for now. Good luck with Christie.

Pablo said...

According to the Alaskan budget in 2010 was $14.5 Billion, not the $10.5 Billion that the Palin press release posted (at the time of the of signing of the bill). There are a lot of supplemental budgets in Alaska, so Palin may have have chosen not to include them in here press release. That is the crux of the matter. You posted a lot of links, but the only one that could refute what I said was the Palin press release. However, it contradicts with the link that I provided.

By the way, I have no doubt that Palin was a conservative in Alaska. I just get tired of people calling Christie a liberal, when he literally cut more government than Palin and Perry.

I would be glad to respond to the rest of what you posted but none of it has anything to do with how Christie vs. Palin in spending.

I also think it is funny how you said you cannot compare states and then what do you do? Compare states? Which is it?

Ohio JOE said...

"I just get tired of people calling Christie a liberal" Just like you get tired of calling something that quacks a duck or something that barks a dog. Sure Mr. Christie is not an outright liberal, but he ain't no Conservative.

Right Wingnut said...

Here's a link to Alaska's FY2011 budget which also shows total spending in FY 2010 at $10.57 million.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm just about as sick as I can be at the wars too, Pablo. There are NO pure conservatives, and EVERY single politician has high and low marks. We can twist anyone's record to suit our particular need at any given moment.

But have you noticed that all the people squawking are the hostage takers? We're not going anywhere until we stop this nonsense. Do democrats do this? No. They stick together like glue.