Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sen John McCain leads effort to end Blackout of NFL Games in Publicly Financed Stadiums

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain is taking the field against a long-standing federal regulation that blocks NFL fans from seeing televised, hometown games when their stadium doesn’t sell out. 
McCain’s primary argument is that fans shouldn’t be blocked from viewing games in stadiums that they subsidized through state and local taxes. 
“Now, if that stadium is not taxpayer-financed, then that owner can do anything they want to. But if the taxpayers paid for them then, by God, I think the taxpayers ought to be able to see the game whether they sell out the stadium or not," “McCain testified during a May 14 Senate subcommittee hearing, according to the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.
He has strong support from the Washington-based interest group Sports Fans Coalition, which also argues stadiums are built with the help of billions in tax dollars. So either broadcast all of the games or make tickets more affordable. 
“HUGE! McCain introduces legislation prohibiting TV blackouts in stadiums built with public money,” the group wrote on its website this spring
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