Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some things to look for as the Immigration Debate moves forward

Pro-Immigration May Day Rally: Say Hi to Che Guevara
The drive to get the core of a sweeping immigration bill through a Democrat-controlled Senate committee ended in success, but showed how some aspects of the bill provide ammunition for critics who seek to derail the historic measure if it is not altered. 
The bill remained largely intact after five hearings in which members of the Senate Judiciary Committee debated and voted on more than 200 amendments. That gave sponsors of the bill a preview of how the bill may be attacked in June when the full Senate begins deliberations and a House group introduces their immigration bill.
The bill, written by a bipartisan group of senators known as the Gang of Eight, would allow the nation's 11 million unauthorized immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship. It also provides $6.5 billion to enhance border security and increases the number of high-tech and low-skilled workers allowed in on a temporary basis.
As the committee pored over the amendments, Republicans were rebuffed on attempts to boost the numbers of Border Patrol agents and prevent citizenship from being offered until the border is proven secure. Attempts to require employers to recruit and hire Americans before hiring foreigners were also blocked. Here's a look at some of the strategies used in Judiciary that could re-emerge as the immigration debate continues.
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newark hawk said...

Earlier this month, Senator Jeff Sessions released an analysis that shows the Gang Of Eight's immigration bill will actually result in at least 57 MILLION NEW IMMIGRANTS over the next ten years.

That's not amnesty. That's amnesty on steroids.