Saturday, May 25, 2013

Op-ed: Obama vs the Global War on Terror

Obama vs the Global War on Terror
By: Diane Sori

In case you patriots didn't know it the 'Global War on Terror' is is on the "path to defeat" as it's but a "shell of its former self" said Barack HUSSEIN Obama in a major policy speech at the National Defense University in Washington.

In an effort to get the 'Trifecta of Scandals' off the front page for awhile (an effort that will NOT succeed by the way), Obama and his handlers have concocted this ridiculousness to play to the base, all while laying the groundwork to shift the blame for today's on-going terrorism to what Obama referd to as George W. Bush's boundless 'War on Terror'.

The "perpetual wartime footing" and "boundless War on Terror" that has permeated so much of American life since 9/11 should come to an end, Obama said...meaning as the 'anointed one'...our savior...he thinks if he says the 'War on Terror' is over that it's over.

NO...I don't think so.

As is a typical hallmark of Obamaspeak, when in trouble...and rest assured Obama is in BIG trouble...he pulls out the 'blame Bush' card...except that now more and more aren't buying it, including some of his very own sheeple.

And acts of terrorism continue...Beghazi...a British soldier barbarically hacked to death in broad daylight on the streets of London...Benghazi...two bombers blowing up participants and spectators at the Boston Marathon...Benghazi...two Coptic Christians beheaded in New Jersey...Benghazi...honor killings in Texas, New York, Missouri, and Arizona...Benghazi...underwear bombers on planes...
Benghazi...Fort Hood...Benghazi...Christian girls beheaded for simply going to school...Benghazi...need I go on.

Too many acts of terror...too many deaths...all with a common denominator...a denominator of muslims being muslims and doing what the qur'an commands them to do...kill the infidels...kill any and all they perceive as dishonoring islam...kill us.

NO...the 'War on Terror' (that should in reality be called the war on islam) is NOT yet over as he tried to claim, in fact, it continues on in full force even as Obama grossly underestimates the scope of the threats posed by al-Qaeda and its affiliate tentacles.

And underestimating that threat is a dangerous position to put our country in as our modern civilization continues to clash with those still living in the Dark Ages. And with Obama saying that our military and intelligence agencies will NOT wage a boundless war against a tactic (as he still refuses to say the so-called tactic is muslim terrorism) but will instead focus on a specific group of networks determined to destroy the US, that threat becomes even more dangerous for focusing on a specific group takes away from the dangers of the whole.

And pray tell what specific group, what specific network does he mean..the aforementioned al-Qaeda blatantly ignoring that al-Qaeda is a global network with branches throughout the world...just what doesn't Obama get about that.

Also mistakenly claiming that what remains of the al-Qaeda terrorist threat is nothing on the scale of the al-Qaeda threat that started with the 9/11 attack of almost 12 years ago, Obama instead claimed the threat of terrorism now comes from "less capable al-Qaeda affiliates, threats to diplomatic facilities and businesses abroad, and homegrown extremists."

You mean diplomatic facilities like Benghazi...

Hate to tell him but his very words themselves do describe a component of 'global terrorism'...Obama just refuses to accept that these attacks are global terrorism or that stealth jihad (whose goal is the imposition of islamic law...sharia law...over every region of the earth) is also in play, and that by refusing to say the words 'global terrorism' or 'muslim terrorists' means all roads will lead back to him when a terrorist attack does occur on US soil. And it's so easy to figure out why...Obama is in deliberate denial because he himself sides with the very people he says we are NOT at war with...his muslim brethren.

And so he droned on (sarcasm intended) claiming the current terrorists threats could be 'managed' by carefully targeted drone strikes overseas and with efforts to counter extremist ideology at home, and do NOT require the kind of broader war that Bush fought.

But...but...countering extremist threats would mean shutting down mosques here in the US for the mosques are where the 'homegrown terrorists' spring from...something our muslim-in-chief...ooops, I mean our president (gag) would NEVER do.

But...but...drone strikes overseas...what happens when a muslim terrorist strikes here on our soil...and rest assured they will do so again and again...will a drone strike now be permissible here in America...just wondering.

NO...terrorism cannot be 'managed' must be eliminated and eliminated by an all out collateral damage inducing campaign of shock and awe on a grand scale...for only collateral damage forces an enemy to surrender...and the sooner that's done the sooner terrorism will end.

Thankfully, even while Obama called for an end to the 'War on Terror' and outright change to how we fight terrorists (muslim terrorists whether he wants to say it or NOT) both here and abroad, he will face a major obstacle in doing that...staunch opposition from Republicans in Congress who have publicly stated they will try to block his wanted shutdown of GITMO (even some of his fellow Democrats are against moving muslim inmates to the US mainland), and will reject Obama's call to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force, the legal basis for much of the 'War on Terror' President Bush got passed after 9/11.

So while Obama bloviated that "We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us" the fact remains that the 'War on Terror' has already defined us to some degree...defined us as a nation that will fight back, but under this miserable excuse of a president will fight back as a nation that ties the hands of the troops fighting that war...will tie them with the ropes of political correctness and with the rules of engagement changed to placate the very enemy out to kill us all.
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