Thursday, May 23, 2013

Former Head of IRS Unit that Targeted Conservative Groups Pleads the 5th (Bonus: Others who have pleaded the 5th over the years)

The official who disclosed that the Internal Revenue Service had used inappropriate criteria to examine groups seeking tax-exempt status insisted on Wednesday that she did nothing wrong but also declined to answer questions from lawmakers, saying she did not want to incriminate herself in any future criminal proceedings. 
Lois G. Lerner, who led the IRS tax-exempt unit at the center of the scandal, invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self- incrimination during an appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, saying that members of the panel had already falsely accused her of providing false information to Congress.
Read the rest HERE and view a video of Lerner's statement below:

Lerner has some interesting company when it comes to otherswho have pleaded the 5th over the years:

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Anonymous said...

heh heh, I liked the bonus.

But I do hope they haul her back in. How is it that no one in the entire IRS knows what is going on?


BOSMAN said...

She's in good company. Many innocents who did nothing...hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Obama wants her fired. She knows she's being targeted to take the fall. Maybe this is going to get really interesting if she gets immunity.


newark hawk said...

I'm shocked that Lerner didn't answer the questions simply by lying under oath like Bill Clinton did during the Whitewater/Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Clinton escaped jail time for his serial perjury and obstruction of justice, perhaps Lerner would too.

Heck, Clinton even got to keep his job as POTUS.

Who knows, Lerner may even get promoted after this.

America, what a great country, especially for corrupt Democrats in high places.