Thursday, May 23, 2013

Common Core: Direct Ties to Agenda 21

The purpose for which something is created matters. 

I've been mocked for saying that Common Core supports a global sustainable development values system which negates my own values system. There's nothing nefarious, CCSS proponents tell me, about a set of basic academic standards.
Indeed. Standards cannot think, feel, or discern between values.

What I think is nefarious is the attempt of federal government and corporate interests to inculcate their ideologies into the education of every child.

Fact: Bill Gates consults with the United Nations on education as a member of its MDG Advocacy Group.

Fact: The United Nations Millennium Development Goals Advocacy Group supports Agenda 21: Sustainable Development. "The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, agreed at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Earth Summit 2002) affirmed UN commitment to 'full implementation' of Agenda 21, alongside achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and other international agreements."
Reference: Wikipedia page: Agenda 21

Fact: "[Bill] Gates gives $150 million in grants for Common Core Standards"

These are documented connections between Common Core and Agenda 21.

Source: Education without Representation
If you have a really strong stomach, watch Michael Chapman explain the history of private-public partnerships in the global sustainable development plan. This is not conspiracy theory; it is a matter of public record. The texts quoted are state, national, and global legislation and proposed legislation.

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newark hawk said...

Very scary stuff.

Keep voting for Democrats or Rockefeller Republicans like Bush 43 and Bush 41, and you'll get more of this New World Order garbage.

Vote for courageous constitutional conservatives, or don't vote at all.

Anonymous said...

If you live in NH, check this informative site (it has the very same info on the Johannesburg Plan)