Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mitt Romney: Interests of American people being held back by politics (Full Video 03-03-13)

Fox News Sunday released today 4 more minutes from their interview with Mitt Romney not shown in the original Sunday Show videos.

Romney talks about how the House has a mandate to do what their supporters voted for them to do, working across the Isle, and Gay Marriage:

If you missed the interview Sunday, I have it HERE.

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Anonymous said...

oh I miss hearing from someone with common sense--I hope Mitt continues to speak out, which it sounds like he will. I've never really seen him as someone with a political agenda. I just saw him as a common sense guy with an amazing skill set as well as a hard worker who does things with excellence who wanted to make a difference for the country he loves.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder why the good man and most qualify to be president is not in the white house but the one who is not qualify was there and did not know what to do to lead the country and just make every things worse and worse every day so America get poor and poorer every day, every week, every month and every year even will be very poor in the next 4 years, America was change and see good as bad and bad as good, so sorry The United States Of America.