Monday, March 4, 2013

Mitt & Ann Romney interview on Fox News Sunday (Full Video 03-03-13)




I'm sorry folks...but I'm broken hearted after watching this. What a GREAT President and First Lady they would have made....AMERICA'S LOSS!

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newark hawk said...

I was glad to hear Romney finally admit that his 47% comment was "EXTREMELY DAMAGING" to his campaign.

But his excuse that he made the comment at a "private" speech to campaign donors doesn't hold water because he should've known that such events are sometimes infiltrated by the opposing campaign and/or its sympathizers in the media.

Also glad to hear Romney admit that he grossly underestimated the Democrats' get-out-the-vote ground game, as well as the passion and intensity of Obama supporters.

Also glad to hear Ann Romney admit that during the campaign both she and oldest son Tagg were VERY DISSATISFIED with the strategy and tactics of campaign chief Stuart Stevens, although she was careful not to mention Stevens by name.

Also glad to hear Romney admit that he "LET HIS SUPPORTERS DOWN" by not running a winning campaign.

But most of all, I was glad to hear Romney confirm the rumor that he won't be running for President ever, ever, ever again.

Although he was the best the GOP had to offer in 2012, Romney was a fatally flawed candidate due to his less than stellar political instincts and his don't rock the boat, non-confrontational, nice guy approach to the rough and tumble world of presidential politics.

Hopefully, the GOP's 2016 nominee will run a far shrewder, tougher and more aggressive campaign than Romney did in 2012.

If he or she doesn't, the GOP will lose again. You can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

so, who we going to run? We had the best candidate EVER, and folks on the far right, just could not wrap their head around someone as accomplished as Romney. He did not just talk family values like palin and Gingrich. HE LIVED THEM. He did not talk econ 101- he APPLIED it.

BOSMAN said...

anon :51,

We're a Party of division. We eat are own.

Romney wasn't pure enough for some of our Republican blowhards.

Romney was 80% (IMHO) Conservative. There are 25% of the party that will tell you that's not pure enough.

They need to shut up or wake up.

Anonymous said...

Newark, there isn't ANYONE in the party who is going to do better in 2016, than Romney did last year. You can take that to the bank! He was BY FAR the best we have had to offer in decades, and would have been a GREAT president.

Was his campaign perfect? No campaign is. But nit-picking his campaign is just the intellectually dishonest way of avoiding the real problems we have--in this party, and in America in general.

All throughout 2011, 12 everyone said the campaign was winnable. But it never was--at all.

Mitt's loss is only a SYMPTOM of a much greater problem.

And if you think someone like a Haley, a Bachmann or whoever in the hell else you suggest can do better than Mitt Romney, you are plain nuts.


Anonymous said...

Bosman, the interview was painful, and reopened the wound afresh. Every single day, something happens that makes me lament that Romney is not our president.

The consequences of American stupidity are going to be severe and far-reaching.

The American people don't seem to care that we are going to crash and burn, or that Iran is going to have the bomb.

My country is lost.


Anonymous said...

Our party is messed up. The only thing we can do now is to save the House, and I won't be surprised if we can't even do that.

Any more comments from people like Santorum, Akin, or Mourdock, and we are toast.


Anonymous said...

The problem is Americans didn't want to elect a president. They wanted to elect a Mr. Personality. For the left, Obama is the epitome of cool and to vote for him made them feel good about themselves. For the right, they wanted their own version of cool, a John Wayne or Theodore Roosevelt reincarnation, also to make them feel good about themselves. The logic is that somehow if you have a cool president, things will work out like magic.

That Mitt Romney was the best person to fix the economy in the short and long term does not matter to personality lovers, because they receive no ego boost from an uncool president, presumably Romney had he won.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27, yes exactly. Apparently feeling good voting for a cool guy trumps everything else.

I don't have to wonder who the families of the 4 people killed in Benghazi voted for, though. I have a pretty good guess.


RomneyMan said...

I note Romney mentioned nothing about conspiracy theory, bad loser topics such as mass voter fraud, OB 'making hurricane sandy' (really)and other wako conspiracy theories. Mind you, he is 'at peace.'

Joel2013 said...

Romney does not have to mention conspiracy. Everyone knows there were major issues with this election. He is at peace with his life and his accomplishments. This was a great interview overall. Despite the nit-picking of a few there is no question we lost an opportunity to solve our nations problems. Good to hear from them and wish them well always.

Anonymous said...

Breaks my heart every day that we didn't choose the best man for the job.... I pray I can get over it. Of course Romney accepted all responsibility. He's a leader; that's what leaders do.

I loved seeing the new grandbabies. I pray that the Romneys can use whatever influence they have gained to encourage and be an example for the country. We sorely need accomplished, decent role models.

Four more minutes of the interview were released today. Romney sticks by his opposition to same sex marriage in spite of the "unpopularity" of this position. I know this baffles all of the intellectuals in the press, and all the geniuses in Hollywood, but after his over 40 yrs of marriage, he might have an intelligent, EXPERIENCED opinion on the matter. I am constantly amazed by the people who never consider marriage now but want to hand this right over to others.


Anonymous said...

I meant that people don't consider marriage themselves even when they have children, but they are absolutely committed to making sure gay marriage happens and that everyone agrees with them about it. Doesn't make sense. Gay relationships never " accidentally" produce offspring. Wait, they never produce offspring on purpose, either!!

Anonymous said...

I just had a chance to view the entire interview. How uplifting! What a joy, to see two people in love and laughter after all these years, a couple who have given their utmost to the country. Wow, just wow. Newhawk hawk, I'm sorry for your recriminations and bitterness and short-sightedness. Get a life, man! This could have been the First Couple, but it was not meant to be. I have a strong feeling that we've not heard the last of Mitt and Ann.

Anonymous said...

The great president after Ronald Reagan.