Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Taboo of Politics and Religion

I have a confession to make.

I don't have a lot of facebook friends. 

Well, I have 383 - just a few close friends, you know? 

But many of them have hidden my posts from their feeds, including some of my immediate family members. 

What did I do wrong?

I broke the dining table taboo:

Never discuss politics or religion.

That rule is fine for the dining table. But social networks are different, no?

Social networks are a platform, an opportunity to broadcast who we really are, and what we really believe...

or an opportunity to broadcast an imaginary image, what we want people to believe about us, true or not. 

I believe in a lot of things. Some of them are related to my faith. Some of them are related to my politics. Some of them come from Toltec wisdom or Confucius or J.R.R. Tolkien. But all of them make me who I am. To hide part of that when I have the opportunity to stand up for it would feel dishonest to me. 

So despite the fact that many people are turned off by my politics, my religion, and my interest in Doctor Who, I continue to broadcast what matters to me. And I want to encourage you to do the same.

We post about politics because it's also about what we value as a society. That is important, even if it ruffles feathers. Why? Because we still have a say in our society via our votes and via the words and deeds we contribute to creating our culture. Debate may not be fun, and it may seem pointless, but it is necessary. Communication on what we value as a society is necessary. If we stop, we become subjects and not citizens.

Are you a closet conservative? Why are you hiding?

Break out. Share this post. And then share another one. Pretty soon, you will have conversations going with the few friends willing to participate. Some of them will be respectful of your differences. Others will be hostile. My advice is to keep being civil. Show them conservatives are not neanderthals, but thoughtful people who simply place liberty above security.

If you want some company, there are many facebook groups that consistently post truths with articles and facts to back up our core conservative principles. 

One of them was started by our own Bosman: U.S. General Elections Central
It boasts over 2,000 members and grows every day. 

"A place for all to speak their minds on elections, candidates, or any other issues that would affect the above." 

Another favorite was started by Jared Townsend: Mitt Romney 2016
Our goal is to build a movement to convince Mitt Romney to make another run. Some of us think it's impossible, others are eternal optimists. But we all agree that Mitt Romney was the most qualified GOP candidate to run in decades. Misrepresented by the media, vindicated these last few weeks as many of his predictions have come to fruition, Governor Mitt Romney has the executive experience, the conservative core, and the... ahem, fundraising prowess to take on whomever the Democrat National Convention nominates in 2016. He came sliver close to beating an incumbent. Imagine what he could do against a noob. 

Whomever you favorite for 2016, please join us in standing up for conservative principles, politically and culturally, whenever the opportunity arises.

Our forefathers had soap boxes. 

This is what we got. Use it. 

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Musicmaiden4 said...

Hi Katrina my world is very similar. It's funny when you, me, and many others think we are few in a sea of many others that do not view things in the same way. So applaud you I think what you said in your post will hopefully help others to connect. So that soon we may become the many and not the few.
Good Job!

(by the way I have joined the blog sight and try to stay as active as possible:-))

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Thank you, Musicmaiden! It is funny that so many of us feel isolated. It shows the pervasiveness of liberalism in news, pop culture, and social media. Glenn Beck is working on the news. Melissa Joan Hart is working on pop culture (hee hee), and social media is up to us.

Rock on, Musicmaiden! See you on facebook!

BOSMAN said...

Hi Katrina...GREAT post.

A related example of what you're talking about is commenting on posts.

If half the people who read our posts on RS everyday, made a comment, we'd have a couple thousand comments each day.

I think many people are timid about agreeing/disagreeing outwardly in these types of formats.

I know that for me, commenting started long before I started blogging.

Once I started commenting, I realized that...hey..I can do this, and I started posting my own thoughts and thoughts on other folks pieces.

Once I began, it became addictive, at least for me.

Believe it or not, I especially enjoy when I disagree with someone or they disagree with me.

hahaha....It's probably one of the few formats around where you can vigorously disagree and no blood is shed.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Yes, it's a 'safe place.' :) You know, unless the other guy begins cyberstalking you, but that is RARE, guys. Rare.

Bosman, I start out by commenting, too. It's a gateway drug to blogging, I guess. And it would be freaking awesome to see this site on fire like that.

Revolution 2012 said...


I have been guilty of that lately myself. Reading posts here and there on RS and not commenting.

Work has been busy and I don't like commenting if I don't have time to respond if needed.

Anonymous said...

too depressed about the election to post...sigh...not much to say right now....ither than i feel we conservatives will never win another WH election until voter fraud is dealt with. no more voting machines...paper ballot only, please! i'd rather count hangin chads than know that my electronic voter machine was rigged.

Anonymous said...

Dangers to are form of government have reared their ugly heads in a big way: corrupted elections and foreign influence on our elections.