Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mitt and Ann Romney to to be honored at an event in Washington

Mitt Romney, who has sought to avoid the public spotlight since losing the presidential election and avoided the capital for Monday’s inauguration, is scheduled to be in Washington on Friday for a reception in honor of him and his wife, Ann.
Read the whole story HERE.

It will be great to see Mitt and Ann out and about in the public eye again. I don't know about you, but I've missed them.

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Katrina L. Lantz said...

Yes, so much!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bosman.

I continue to mourn the fact that we could have had a shot for some sanity. Although even a perfect president probably could not do a whole lot about our declining culture. We are truly lost, I believe, and Mitt Romney's loss is only a symptom of a very grave situation.


Bob said...

I'd love to see him run again in 2012.

It took Reagan 3 times.

Anonymous said...

When America don't believe themselves, they don't know who they are either? so they just happy to listening the good talker talk about the past 147 years in the Lincoln era and he talked about the year of 2095 that really nothing to do with his own policy, we want to hear is what his economy policy and how he will lead us for prosperity in the next 4 years but he didn't has any ideas about it, so he really out of touch with the presidency that don't match with the current situation as the American people were too struggle every day and it will be the same or may get worse in the next 4 years. Good talking do not give us any pay check, just only the good worker can make us a better life, if Mitt is the president, we are starting working or some one has already gotten a new job, Mitt please be prepare for the year 2016 again.

Anonymous said...

I am still in shock and depressed that Mitt is not our president and I am very angry with those Republicans like Christie and Jindahl who threw Mitt under the bus after the election. These men will never receive my vote in 2016.

Stephanie said...

I've missed seeing and hearing from Mitt and Ann so much. Such an inspiring couple full of patriotism, grace, and hope. it hurts to think about what could have been. now we have to stick together to fight for the country we love. we can't despair, there are millions and millions of us who still love our freedom and the constitution. we need to be united in our fight against a tyranical government. and PRAY!

BOSMAN said...

I share all your feelings on this.

I know for me, I could support Mitt again in a minute.

But I also realize that that's probably got a 1 in 100 chance of happening again.

Anonymous said...

too depressed to comment...i think i am one of those that has to mourn a year before healing starts! bye bye america! the idiots have taken over!