Monday, November 12, 2012

Romney Received Zero Votes in 59 Philadelphia Precincts; Update: Example of Precinct Results

According to, Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote in 59 Philadelphia precincts. Obama netted 19,605. Yes, you read that right. 19,605-0! What are the odds?
......Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia who has studied African American precincts, said he had occasionally seen 100 percent of the vote go for the Democratic candidate. Chicago and Atlanta each had precincts that registered no votes for Republican Sen. John McCain in 2008.
"I'd be surprised if there weren't a handful of precincts that didn't cast a vote for Romney," he said. But the number of zero precincts in Philadelphia deserves examination, Sabato added.
"Not a single vote for Romney or even an error? That's worth looking into," he said.
In a city with 1,687 of the ward subsets known as divisions, each with hundreds of voters, 59 is about 3.5 percent of the total.
In some of those divisions, it's not only Romney supporters who are missing. Republicans in general are nearly extinct....
Update:   I added an example just to illustrate how absurd this is. Notice the Green, Libertarian, and Republican Parties all got skunked. They all look like this.

If this isn't enough, Bosman has more examples in the comment section.


BOSMAN said...

I just checked a few of the voting divisions mentioned in the article..THEY CHECK OUT. You can do the rest:

The sourse is HERE:

Then checkout tab on left column "Election Results by ward and Division:





Anonymous said...

Something is rotten in Philadelphia, and it's not the cream cheese. There are far too many unanswered questions regarding the outcome of the election nationwide that make no sense.

I suspect we will be hearing more about this issue. Whatever it is, the GOP will still have to start increasing its voter base. The DNC will always use voter fraud against us.

Right Wingnut said...

I changed the title and the wording a bit to placate some ass at C4P, who claims that we aren't providing accurate information.

Ward.....precinct...bottom line is Romney got zero votes in 59 polling places in Philly.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised in the least. I live near Philly and that city is a Democrat juggernaut. Practically everyone, living or dead, votes multiple times. The city & unfortunately Pennsylvania is a lost cause for the GOP.


Right Wingnut said...

My response to the "ass" at C4P

Jed M. Merrill said...

Lots more voter fraud here!

You can also be a Facebook Volunteer by liking this page:

Thanks for the article Right Speak!

Anonymous said...

no brushing this aside, unless you accept that USA is a lost cause

Anonymous said...

Bosman, pls keep going? What's next for you Bosman?

Anonymous said...

There were almost 650,000 votes cast in Philadelphia's 1,700 districts. 553,000 votes went to Obama and 90,000 or so to Romney. What is your point? Have you ever been here? Lived here? There are neighborhoods that will never vote Republican. Ever.

Right Wingnut said...

There must be at least one Republican in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

"According to, Mitt Romney did not receive a single vote in 59 Philadelphia precincts. Obama netted 19,605. Yes, you read that right. 19,605-0! What are the odds?"

That's not even statistically possible. Then, you take into account the size crowds Romney was drawing in Pennsylvania and then coal situation for miners in that state, and's not! This was blatant voter fraud.

What we just witnessed last November 6 is a communist style election. No matter how horrible the incumbent is, he always keeps winning election after election, even if nothing improves in the country.

JRTerrier5 said...

The key is not so much the % of votes that Obama received but the turnout #s. According to a several newspaper reports a number of precints had 100% or near-100% turnout. If that's true, that's where the fraud is.

In 2008, at the height of Obama-mania, turnout in Philly ranged from high 40% to about 71%.

cimbri said...

Rs should have spent their time on reducing the size of govt. back when they had the chance in the 2000s. It's too late now. We're a banana republic.

Right Wingnut said...

Nobody even voted for Romney, Johnson, or Stein by accident?

Remember Florida, in 2000? Every third ballot seemed to have some sort of error.

Just a hunch....we probably aren't dealing with rocket scientists in these precincts, yet somehow none of the 19,000+ mistakenly voted for the wrong candidate.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, like Papa Joe Stalin said, it isn't important who casts the votes. What's important is who counts them.

If this continues, the elections are only for a way to vent, like a safety valve. You think they're honest, but the selected candidates will always win. Just call 1-800-DIEBOLD.

Welcome Comrades one and all.


Folks, don't worry about the massive Democrat voter fraud in PA, OH and elsewhere, because we all know that we can count on conscientious and courageous GOP leaders like John Boehner & Mitch McConnell to thoroughly investigate the matter, leave no stone unturned, bring all wrongdoers to justice and ensure that all votes are properly accounted for.


GetReal said...

You guys, this wouldn't happen if we passed another amnesty! Duh!

But seriously, remember how they kicked all the Republican poll watchers in Philly out that morning, and had to get a judge to reinstate them, and even then they wouldn't let them in until they got the sherriff's involved?

What do you think they were up to?

Not to mention Colorado...we were winning the early vote, which is the vast majority of the vote there, there by 2 percent, but lost the state by 4...

Or were we? We don't know how the people voted, only who voted Since more Republicans were voting, we assumed we were winning.

However, with no voter ID laws, voters were showing up on election day and told they had already voted, when they hadn't.

Sounds like more of that Obama GOTV operation...and don't even get me started on the machines switching Romney votes to Obama.

No way did Romney legitimately get fewer votes than John McCain.