Monday, November 12, 2012

Romney Political Director: 'The Ground Game Worked Fine'

No wonder Romney lost.......
Rich Beeson, the political director for the Romney campaign, says that the problem wasn’t the GOP get-out-the-vote efforts, but the astounding success of the Democrats to turn out groups that generally didn’t vote in such large numbers.
“We turned out the groups we needed to on our side,” Beeson says, adding that Democrats “did a better job of turnout than we thought they could do. They did alter the electorate.”
“The ground game worked fine.......”


Chief Crazy Horse said...

His Great Great Grand Uncle was the
head scout for General Custer.

Juan Valdez said...

So he's saying:

They tried to get Latino support and were successful? Or they didn't try to get Latino support and were successful?

Anonymous said...

OK Rich, thanks for the CYA statement. I guess we should give you a losing bonus, right? One important thing; you lost the election. Well, keep trying you DIMWIT.

Pam said...

I'll agree that Rich's point wasn't clear. People can blame the conservative pollsters like Rove and others all they want but the dems were more motivated. The stupid GOP who stayed home are the ones I blame for the loss. I hope they enjoy the next 4 years. They deserve whatever they get. The problem is that we will all suffer from their stupidity.